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  1. Is there any silent Atomos monitor out there? Or can you at least adjust fan levels? Couldn't find any info on this...
  2. Hi everybody, I'm looking for a sound mixer in Costa Rica who could substitute me on a documentary. The 3 shooting days ain't fixed yet but will take place in early December. Any recommendations are appreciated. thank you
  3. That's strange, because on their chart it looks like the shielding effectiveness decreases at above 200MHz... Or is it because the bigger wavelength of lower frequencies can't be absorbed propperly by this material? Im not sure if cobaltex and ssn are really good at absorbing certain frequencies rather than just reflecting them...
  4. Could anyone achieve good results with cobaltex so far? I'm building a DIY bag these weeks and I'm looking for a RF shielding material to even put on the Receivers side of my Recorder or to build a small wall out of it, between Recorder and the Receivers. What do you think is better? I found an interesting material produced just 50 miles away from me. Its called "swiss shield naturelle", could that be something? I'll try to get a piece and will report back...
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