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  1. Anyone know who makes shelves and risers for a magliner based sound cart?
  2. Amendment...I've found some VRTs, I just need the transmitters to go with them. SMV or SMQV in block 19 if anyone has any leads. Thanks
  3. If anyone hears of any for sale please let me know. I've looked on all the available sound gear sites but any suggestions welcome THanks Mick
  4. Mick


    What would you recommend as an inverter to power a Mackie Onyx 1620? It takes about 40 watts thanks
  5. Mick


    i will look into all these suggestions, thanks very much.
  6. Mick


    Back again! I'm looking for a reco for an inverter to power an analogue mixer, the type yet to be determined but I'm leaning towards the Soundcraft GB2R 16 track. I'm probably going to have a rack mounted DC power supply of some sort. At present I have two 30 amp/hour batteries in a box that weighs a lot so I'll be looking for some suggestions for that too. As you can tell I'm researching a complete upgrade to my cart and almost certainly going with the Scorpio recorder without using Dante as that will push my budget too far. The Soundcraft has direct outs on all channels so some creative cabling will facilitate iso track designation. I hope. Thanks for any info and suggestions. The response I received from my other posts has been really helpful in choosing a mixer and recorder.
  7. Mick

    Sound carts

    Does anyone have any recommendations for custom sound cart manufacturers? Thanks Mick
  8. Jim, do you know of a way to output all 16 channels to iso tracks on a SD 833?
  9. Bottom line, I’m trying to keep costs low as my next show is my last. Retirement looms large so as much as I’d like to go with dante and all the bells and whistles, it just doesn't make economical sense to indulge myself at this stage of my career. Thanks for all the input guys.
  10. Thanks all. I’m looking at the A&E Qu16. May as well cross the great divide!
  11. Thanks mate, I’ll check it out.
  12. Anyone know of a good analogue mixer that would replace a modified Mackie Onyx 1620? Can’t be more than 18” wide. They don’t make them anymore and I’m wary of used ones on ebay. Thanks Mick
  13. Anyone know which RF blocks work best in London UK?
  14. All good. Found two really good people to see me through this movie. Well content. Thank you for all the replies.
  15. Great information but I didn't see the answer to either of my questions
  16. Can I jam a Red Gemini from a TR-2 slate and what is the time code input jack on this camera so I can get the appropriate cable? Thanks Mick
  17. I'm looking for a boomer and female utility for a low budget Tier 1 IATSE movie starting Oct 22nd for five weeks in Los Angeles. A list cast. The low rate notwithstanding there are some box rental bumps to sweeten the deal. Please send me details, info and resume to mickfowlerproductions@gmail.com. And just to quell the rumors, I'm not retired!
  18. For the first time in quite a while it's looking like I won't have a series this year, so I'm available to day play on anything that shoots in or around Los Angeles. Thanks Mick Fowler 805 402 1227
  19. 2004 Chevy Tahoe, 265k miles and still a champ. my wife drives a BMW 5 series......hold on, what?
  20. I don't have a gall bladder or a prostrate, but I still have my prostate and it works just fine! like you Malcolm I don't see retirement but a switch to another profession. Playing music!
  21. Just curious if there are any other working production mixers out there as old as me. 68
  22. A couple of years ago I did a shortish stint at a Los Angeles so called film school. The class was production sound mixing and the students were mostly foreign, about 75% Asian and the rest middle eastern and eastern European. They were being charged quite a lot of money for a "film making" course which included camera and lighting, direction, writing and some other aspects of the overall film making process including of course production sound recording. Quite frankly I was appalled at the lack of attentiveness, commitment and concern shown by some of the so called faculty toward the students. Aside from the completely inadequate quality of the gear they were learning on, the attitude of the instructors that I interacted with, mainly lighting and directing, was so cavalier and supercilious that I was ashamed to be a part of it. Thankfully I didn't stay around for too long (another story) but I made sure that my students were aware of the type of equipment prevalent in the professional sound mixing community rather than the third rate pro-sum er gear that they were forced to work with. I understand that with so many students the acquisition of pro gear for everyone is a costly enterprise, but some compromise and accommodation should have been reached to give these kids a better understanding of how the real film and TV world works, and I hope that that's what I gave them. On my current show we had the opportunity to mentor some students from various schools around L.A. and I guarantee that they learned more in two weeks with us than a whole semester at the place where I taught. Don't ask me which school it was because although some of the faculty were as I described, others were of the same mind set as me and they are still in there trying to give these kids a proper grounding in the biz.
  23. Thanks Jeff, but Beau Baker's got me beat. I think he's in year fifteen on Grey's, maybe more. I hope you're enjoying your retirement.
  24. I'll be 70 in two years and that's it for me. If Rosewood goes three seasons that'll be perfect. I have much more to occupy me on the outside of the TV biz that I love to do, playing and recording music, helping run the commercial real estate company that my wife formed some years ago which will provide a nice residual income for us. The business has been good to me for the most part, eleven years on "CSI" and numerous other TV shows, but I've been good to it too, so I'll bid a fond farewell in a year or two, flog all my gear and continue to enjoy what's left of life, good health permitting of course. I could never do what you younger guys do with bags and two man crews. I used to back in the days of "Unsolved Mysteries" when I lugged a Nagra, two wirelesses and a boom pole around, following an Arri 16 mm camera. Much fitter back then. Now I sit in a chair at my board and let the youngsters do the heavy lifting. I earned it. 30 years of mixing for TV mostly, and I enjoyed the heck out of it. There's life in the old dog yet, just have to intersperse it with cat naps.
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