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    I like to record stuff with microphones - usually its people talking.
  1. In the Jam sub-menu, choose "manual/once". Jam the Lockit from your Sound Devices. This way, no matter what cable you use the Alexa won't be able to re-jam the ACL-204. You'll hafta power the Lockit down before re-jamming.
  2. doable. Props to Aaron & Gene at Audio Dept in Burbank.
  3. Ever tried mounting a KFT flow-through base underneath a KTA2? I like the form factor of the KFT's four inch slot for hand gripping, and from images it looks possible to lose the KTA2's mushroom cap base and replace it with the KFT. Perhaps?
  4. nice idea, my friend! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the NV-200.
  5. +1 this above. But looking into replacing Boom Comtek with Zax 2.4 GHz receiver. And i like the HM plugged straight into the bottom of a pole. Coiled cable inside the pole. 411A receivers maximum output into line level inputs on a Tascam HS-P82. HM levels set conservatively. Op wears a Senny ME-2 lav plugged into a G2 tx in the A band for talkback. G2 receiver on the cart plugged into a SD 302 panned hard R for PL. More info on the 302 / HS-P82 setup: All Tascam inputs center panned. i bring the Tascam headphone out into Inputs 4/5 on the 302. 4 panned L. 5 panned R. This allows me to monitor a high quality feed from the 302, NOT my actual recorder. Input 1 on 302 is the center panned music channel, likely my iPhone. Input 2 is the Boom talkback G2 receiver, panned hard R so only i can hear it. Input 3 is my cart talkback mic, a Senny MD-46, center panned. The Comtek mini base station tx comes out of the 302's L output at line level. Again, so only i can hear the Boom Op's talkback. Drawback of current system: Errybody on Comteks can hear when i use my talkback, so it's only PL one way. But at least i always know i can at least control what i myself say over Coms , and it doesn't go to tape so if i must i can speak to Op in middle of a shot. This drawback will be corrected once i get my Zax 2.4 GHz tx since i can plug that into the R output of my 302 & pan the MD-46 hard R. I'll still have the HS-P82's built in TB mic for slating shots and talking to errybody on Comteks. And i'll likely end up panning the music feed hard R because sometimes i feel self-conscious that errybody on Coms might not share my rad musical tastes. I'll also say one of the things i like about Comteks and the 2.4 GHz Zax gear is that it stays clear outta my wireless mic range - 411As in 19,20,21,22,24,25, & 26. One final note. With this setup, the Boom Op will always hear the mix, NEVER the iso Boom. It would be cool to have that iso ability at times, but the HS-P82 has limited output options.
  6. "Consider that many people's voices sound distorted even as the sound waves leave their mouth." QFT
  7. check out Rycote's slip-on softie. I have the full zepp kit for my 50, but i only use it in high wind now. The slip-on is my new favorite thing. So easy and quick. Sounds great. Lightweight. For exteriors i almost always have it on. The zepp hasn't come out much recently... model is 5cm Large Hole (033013) Oh, this is my first post on these boards. Long-time reader, blah-blah....
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