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  1. If the ODU model the one with the pressure chuck strain relief?
  2. Made a few of these based off an article in a back issue of 695 Quarterly. The came in handy for a visor mounted transmitter where I remoted the dipole to the outside of the vehicle. Worked like a charm. Ran a quick test in the driveway using RF Explorer for the visor setup and was averaging a 7 dBm difference on plain whip vs remoting the dipole to the exterior then a whole 13 dBm difference when using a piece of fuel line hose to help vertically polarize the dipole wedged in the car door.
  3. All this info has been discussed in multiple threads on JW. FYI you can get by with a .10 crimp on the 00 lemo. If you undertake this endeavor be prepared to invest many hours and possibly trashing a pin assembly or two.
  4. I solder them to Lemo 3 pins for Zaxcom. My trick is to forgo tinning the Sanken leads...... I fill the solder cup of the connector with a healthy amount of solder then dunk the wire deep into that pool. The jacket melts away and you are left with a connection. If you need more solder brace it with helping hands and add more. Second trick with lemo 3 is to cut some of 3x5 card and wedge then between the pins to isolate them while working.
  5. I've been using the the 3 pin Lemo's sold from Wilcox sound for years now. I believe they are knock-off.
  6. Move the COS-11D's to the lectros and pick up some OSTs for the G3's. IMO Too many lavs is never a bad thing. Oh wow, did realize I was digging up an old post.... Not enough action on the forums.
  7. The ME2 is larger than most but how is it difficult to hide? What are the actors wearing? As far as it slipping out of tape, what has been your technique? - Are you using a strain relief ? ***(Extremley Important)*** - Are you using good quality tape (3M Transpore, Dr. Scholls Moleskin)? - Have the talent been sweating before applying the tape? - Are you prepping skin contact areas with alcohol wipes? - Are you using the a good tape for attaching to clothing (Stick it and Super Stick it Dots, transpore)? There are a bunch of different things to think about when getting into the art of attaching and hiding microphones. I would suggest looking up the book "Down to the Wire" by Thomas Pop for starters.
  8. There is what looks like an eyelet in the bottom of the battery tube. I used a metal skewer to push the battery out. SD refused to send disassembly instructions as they said it was propriety information. Luckily it wasn't too hard to get in there.
  9. Damn, just found I have a AA stuck in my 302. Called sound devices and they want $165 to service the battery tube. I pulled the unit apart to see if I can get in there.. Looks like Im going to have to get creative or cough up the $$.
  10. I've had good results planting in the visors and doing a bag drop. Otherwise I rig my LPDA's and monitor in the follow car. I've used Rycote overcovers as wind protection.
  11. I'm sure it could be done but...... Do the benefits outweigh the time/costs?
  12. Last I checked you can't see individual track names in MC....
  13. If memory serves me correctly, I believe the diameter of the B6 capsule is much smaller than that of the TL40's.
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