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  1. All basic functions work well, but to control properly, 8 inputs are the limit.
  2. 833 with Mixface at location. More than 8ch inputs needed, I go with Platform M+.
  3. The owner says it just works without SD’s firmware.
  4. Why nobody mention about WEF and “the GREAT RESET”. This pandemic is all about the great reset or Agenda 2030, or AKA “New World Order.”
  5. Sounds great. I am wondering what mic is used for the presenter? sound really good for me.
  6. Just wondering what SD said when you got serviced before? They mentioned anything about the issue and how they fixed?
  7. SD QC is not good, old days were fantastic, Sorry.
  8. What? One boom and 8 lavs at the same time handling alone? I am not sure who is crazy? The producer or you.
  9. I’ve beeing using CMIT5U over 11years, Still my first choice for in/out door shoot. These days I hardly use my indoor gefell m310 Hypercardioid for multicam shoot which is hard to get the reach, and am considering buy Sanken CS-M1 cause CMIT is quite lengthy needing more compact set up.
  10. Beautiful, do you see much difference in range and stability between Wisy and Lectro? I have Wisy, and am figuring out if I should get another Wisy54 or something else.
  11. How do you know that is not fact, the Australia case. You are not in Australia now. I just wanna check what’s going on around the world. I have gotten PCR tested over 50 times till now for work and Vaccinated crew also have to get tested too, cause of Vaxx doesn’t work. Over 41% got covid even with vaccination here in Korea. So, it doesn’t matter if you are vaccinated or not, just need PCR test for everyone.
  12. I don't know about anything Rumble, cause I am Korean. but need to know the fact. The fact is important whatever it comes from. I got another SOS news from Australia. https://youtu.be/3cI0Q5UgFFU
  13. Thank you. I am not talking about the media platform. I do not trust NY times, Fox news, Wired, and most US coporative media. I just need real fact on it. If you have seen any official docs on that, let me please know. Oh, at least I know Postal workers are exemption, right?
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