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  1. ERA Reverb Remover Pro - Get a resoundingly tidier, professional sound without ADR | accusonus ERA DeReverb. Simple and quick. done. Just test quick on set with your laptop, you will see what a magic is.
  2. Buy one of these below. 2pcs 433 Mhz 433mhz Antenna 3dbi Sma Male Plug Connector Straight for Ham Radio|Communications Antennas| - AliExpress 1Pcs 710 782MHz SMA Male antenna 16CM|Connectors| - AliExpress in case you need right angle. 710 782MHz SMA Male Antenna Right Angle for Sony Bees Soft Antenna|Connectors| - AliExpress Buy and Cut down if you wish for your bandwidth. Done. Basically an antenna is very very cheap.
  3. Sorry, man. Your memory is pretty bad. Don’t wanna say anymore on this.
  4. I am not talking about hardware thing, but software price and its policy.
  5. Not true. Zaxcom only launched full Nomad 12 at the beginning. I bought that machine at that time because no other options on Nomad..then later added other 6/10....which is great for only few inputs needed people with reduced prices as it should. If Zax did, SoundDevices must have learnt from them. SD833.....888....Scorpio...?? What's the different?? Just remove in/outputs and add Dante or No Dante.
  6. SD can not properly creat metadata on Mixpre Series since the launch. And people asked a lot about wrong metadata(TC End) but, they introduced other plugins. Because that doesn’t make money?
  7. A permanent discount before a new product launch or too old machines, that is every company does as ritual. I am not saying the hardware price but software and their business model since additional plugin launch.
  8. Without soundmixers like us, their business doesn't work at all. That says everything. Instead of promoting their products with pricy tag, why not some discount sales or special events for us in this hard time. I never heard they discounted their products If I am right. Thank you SD, I bought kina many machines from you from the beginning of my career. Thank you for the good machines.
  9. Too expensive though. What does SoundDevices do for field sound workers for this horrible time??
  10. Kwak! 2 feet away from each antenna and above human heights in normal situation as Shure says. Don’t raise much power on antenna in a small room like that in the picture. You will get fried by overload. Don’t get too close to talents(transmitters) on that powered antenna.
  11. Yes, I absolutely can do that. But l like preamp quality in Maxx, so I just keep as a backup. These days I hardly use Maxx for high track count demands and uncomfortableness from CF medium and transcoding process. 10ii is much simpler.
  12. Just go buy Mixpre 10ii and invest good wireless packs. I am using it with wisycom Mcr54 and lectro LR/SSM combo. 10ii is amazingly good machine with many chnnels. Pricewise Mixpre series has best quality and economic value IMO, even lightweight. I used to have Nomad 12, Maxx(still have for dramatizing gigs), 702t(in old days), f8n(sold cause of too little knob). Before investing another upper class machine, I will happily stay long with Mixpre 10ii. After checking around Cantar, SD 888, and Sonisax, I decide Sonosax is my landing spot.
  13. Very Ugly Stride from Sound Devices. Zoom will take over soon.
  14. I am using TL40. But TL40 is very weak to RF interference. If you put the mic head onto Cell phones or Ipad you will get a lot of RF noise. So I don’t use for critical works. Just buy decent lavs.
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