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  1. filmsalang

    Sony UWP-D21

    The only thing I really curious about is how the noise performs....If it spills less noise like G3/4, I will go for it.
  2. You should know what I am saying...w/o HPs!
  3. If F6 has 4 outputs, that should be a beast for me.
  4. Taking out the internal SSD would help the heat problem??? I am considering either SD833 or Nova... If that helps, SD could sell 833 w/o internal SSD as an option.
  5. If a manufacturer already knows their own issue with their products, they must inform the issue to the customers. That's how we can get around before the issue and rely on the company.
  6. I didn't wire for Sen but for Sony Uwps. shield to Tip, either Red or White to Ring( or Red + White to Ring) and no connection to Sleeve. but this wiring introduce some RF interference when I get the mic head closer to a refrigerator. that's what I can't solve the issue for now.
  7. Try MIPRO MU55L....They perform great...very natural sound...much better than Countryman B3.....and cheap. Someone complain about fragile cable, but couldn't find that issue to me at least. One problem is proper wiring is needed to avoid EMF noise, except that...the lav itself is great...!! https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1071119-REG/mipro_mu55l_omni_directional_sub_miniature_4_5mm_lavalier.html
  8. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1450315-REG/switchcraft_aaa3fbgglppkg_aaa_series_low_profile.html?sts=pi At B&H they are not in stock but 4.71 each. I will try soon.
  9. I am trying to solder LEMO 3pin connector for SSM transmitter soon. But I figured the pins inside LEMO are so tiny and the bigger problem is Cos11d's wire itself is so fragile and thin specially white wire. I searched here and there...but not easy answers for me. Anybody can give some tips?? Pre-soldered Lavs are kind expensive.
  10. Yes,,,I will do soon... but looking for some fast way to fix it from field experience. My Nomad already have changed some input board for phantom power issue cause I bought this unit early time. If I live in the U.S., I would have contacted right away...but I live in S. Korea.
  11. I am a user of Zaxcom Nomand and Maxx... My Maxx is great and never gets problem.... but, Nomad....hmm.... Yesterday, I got record 10 iso tracks on Nomad with 1 line level and 5 mic level all for wireless, and returen 1/2, 3/4 through Maxx outs... I set the basic settings for mic and line level and other labels before shooting day. and the shooting day, I got screwed.. When power up, the level is so low.....cranked all the way up the gains but nothing happens..... Actually I got this problem several times.... and as usual with this problem..I turned off and on....again...and again... but this time it didn't do any magic...so I change my input 1 to mic level...(this was for my lectro LR receiver).. and....turned 2 or three times on and off. finally I got levels..... and I never turned off even lunch time....because I got scared this would happen again.... ...I'm not sure....If any nomad user has the same problem as me... I even clear the whole setting(default setting) before shooting day, but...It happened again. I need any help..!!! Thank you for reading.
  12. The mic preamps in Digital Bolex are just great from my experience. I have Digital Bolex and tested it. The preamps are sound full and rich through my shotgun mics. Great enough for direct recording or for back up in-camera.
  13. I searched the web for new wireless systems for consideration in near future. And I got some info from Gothamsound. LT Wideband bodypack Transmitter: 1,199.00 LR wideband bodypack Receiver: 1,189.00 LMB Wideband bodypack Transmitter: 829.00 Maybe some changes when on sale??
  14. Hope you get everything sorted out. I'm not a fusion user, but a nomad from Korea.
  15. Mine needs to be calibrated too. I am planing to do surround recordings, possibly 5.1 on my Nomad. Waiting for instructions.
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