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  1. Oh shoot, was expecting an exciting post about beer brewing.
  2. Hi Sara, great question, I'd advise you simply do what you love and apply for every darn sound gig you come across - keep knocking and sooner or later someone's gonna let you in. Keep in touch with all your peeps at Trew. Likewise, stay in close contact with your classmates and professors and work on everything they do, especially after you graduate (those are your closest connections, use them!). Staff Me Up often offers work down in TN, apply for all the gigs you can find - but be CAUTIOUS about joining poorly run productions and/or working with bad people, there is a significant burnout and abuse factor in this industry and so you gotta work with good peeps and be good at what you do in order to enjoy life and profession :-) Refuse jobs that make you work crazy hours and remember to eat well, exercise well, and sleep well every night. And don't worry about anything whatsoever. This is America, land of the free, just enjoy the ride.
  3. Was looking for an appropriate thread in which to post - wanted to report that I've just used the 633 for the first time (two day narrative shoot this past weekend) and, suffice is to say, I'm in love. It really is a whole new sound mixing world for me now. Been using a 442/702T combo for years, so this new machine is a total game-changer - super enjoyable to use and the sound quality is drop dead gorgeous (been drooling just listening to playback) - three times the capability of my previous kit with three times less weight. Will save me thousands in chiropractic bills. I simply find this little sucker to be somewhat amazing. Love the simple interface and easy scene-naming layout. Love having full control and easy access over customizing headphone outs. Love the solo channel monitoring. Love the multi-powering options. Love the duel CF/SD card capture. Love the COMPACTNESS - this is the first time since my 302-straight-to-camera days that I don't feel the weight. LOVE the extra channels!! It's amazing how great it feels to have one (let alone 4) more isolated channels - it's so freeing! I no longer have to beat myself up making those tough and seldom totally successful mixing decisions/compromises that I had to make all the time with my former two channel setup. I just love everything about this machine. It feels incredibly well designed, you can literally feel that simply by handling the machine and navigating through it's menu layout, it's remarkably well designed. This machine may make me fall back in love with sound mixing again - it sounds just THAT great and feels just THAT light, it's a joy to work with. Well done Sound Devices, you guys hit this one out of the park! Worth every last penny.
  4. This thread is epic! Thought I'd share a pair. First one is me beheading the DP (what better use for a boom is there?). Second is crew photo from same gig (the DP somehow miraculously survived). :-(
  5. Sean


    Photos and more Photos
  6. How about stashing a lav on the board itself, perhaps in-between the feet or on the inner side of a boot to give some protection? A wireless boom & operator might also come in handy ;-) If wired to camera, be wary of jumps and avoid going on opposite sides of any posts or trees. :-) Shoot, now I wanna do this! Next winter I guess. Good luck out there!
  7. He's the Strunk & White of the film world. Cannot edit anymore without eyeing the blinks that occur at each cut, darn sophisticated yet devilishly simple. The way Murch organizes his 'hierarchy of needs' is equally simple and powerful. Often catch myself obsessing over something lower on the totem pole (screen direction or crossing the line or color issues or my compulsive need to over-explain) to the detriment of story, and have to remind myself to refocus on emotional forward momentum. Though, I will say that one of an editor's greatest friends is the Flop effect (because screen direction still IS important) ;-)
  8. Mr. Senator, Sir, just moved from Boston to NH but lived in Brooklyn from 1999-2006 and that's where the majority of my contacts reside. (and, might I add, sir, that it's an absolute honor to be writing to you). Full Disclosure: Just bought a 633 six hours ago from my peeps at Gotham Sound (love those guys). Excited to finally own it after spending the past year jealously coveting this little dreamboat while perusing endless 633 threads (A big Thank You to the JW community, simply an invaluable resource). Been 702T/442 based for the past few years and so making this transition feels remarkably liberating. There's something about having even one more (let alone 4 more!!) isolated channels at my disposal that makes me salivate in a remarkably pavlovian fashion (not proud of that fact but it is what it is).
  9. (I know, I know, a little dickish, but sheesh, I said I was sorry) (sometimes it's fun to be a little bad) Apologies.
  10. Right, very very sorry if I offended anyone. You see, I've been silently skulking around this site for eons and this was simply my way of saying Sound Speeds! :-) Decided to poke my nose out just far enough so that I could experience what it's like to stitch it back on. ;-) But, no, seriously I do have a substantive audio question - I'm in the market for a new mixer and need to know which is better, the Maxx or 633? Also, what wireless system is the best? ---------------> (KIDDING KIDDING!!!!!) <-------------------- No, I seriously just wanted to actually say hello for a change. :-)
  11. Oh shoot I messed up again (sorry sorry sorry) I meant to use the term 'filmmakers' in the most randomized sense, in the sense that films couldn't get made without us, you see, and so, therefore, ipso facto, we're sorta the filmmakers too, don't you see). So that's what I was meaning and I certainly was never intending to suggest otherwise.
  12. Um, so what are we all doing up at 1am (here on the East Coast) - that's probably a more worthy question to ask
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