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  1. I've had a good deal of experience with the Millimic but don't own any. My impression of them was that sound quality was never an issue but the form factor was a bit clunky. The mic has more physical depth than most (probably 1.5 times "thicker" than an EMW) and squared off corners which can lead to challenges with clothing noise when concealing. I would also agree with David that the accessories are a bit clumsier than with many other mics. (i.e. the windscreen cannot be mounted to the mic without the tie clip or vampire).
  2. I would take the 2 hours with a grain of salt. It's all dependent on the life of your internal timecode battery. The flashing blue light will let you know the 664 is still holding timecode. No more blue light means it's reverting to the TOD clock.
  3. I have few friends that were in G&E and Art Dept on the Cape Girardeau unit. I'll see If anything stands out to them.
  4. I have no experience with these, but the yokes and cans look identical to the Direct Sound's Extreme Isolation headphones (which I've heard mixed reviews about). *edit* A quick look at the words led me to the phrase "Developed in partnership with Direct Sound".
  5. Just got my hands on the camera again and realized this problem is only when the camera "Sound rec." is set to "line input"
  6. I'm working on a shoot with a C300, 1D-C and 5d. I'm recording to 664, sending audio and TC to C300 hardwire, and sending a mono scratch track to 1D-C and 5d via lectro 401. C300 and 5d are fine, but 1D-C is failing to record the scratch track. I'm sending it line level (as per 1D-C menu). The level setting menu sees tone but upon playback there is no sound. We've managed to work around it by keeping the 1D -C close and opening camera mic, but obviously, this won't work all the time. Has anybody experienced similar problems?
  7. Handy little product, and I must say that's the cleanest Elemack I've ever seen.
  8. Did it turn out to be a bad adapter? I look forward to using a CMC441 with my 664 but i have no experience with T powered mics and don't want to run into any surprises.
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