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  1. Anyone have experience with Blk 21 in southern Italy?
  2. Shooting in Halifax NS. Anyone here know how clean Block 21 is there? thanks.
  3. Doing a series that will use a vlog cam for extras. Considering iPhone 12. What is the hive mind feedback on best plug-on mic?
  4. Check out Golden Nugget on Freemont downtown: best pool in Vegas, and only $40/night midweek. We shot a series at Binion's in 2011. Say hello to the gang there!
  5. Wish more shows would do this. Often painful asking clients/producers/hangers on to shut off their PDA's, esp those Blackberrys.
  6. I've been running the Zax TRX/RX 900 system, but am moving to SRb. Anyone else recently made this switch?
  7. Anyone have dropouts with their Zax system? Had big issues yesterday, and not for the first time with this system. Looking for any tips. thanks, Scott
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