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  1. Hello everyone! My CL-WiFi doesn't work anymore and fixing it is more expensive than buying the Ambient Beetle. Does anyone use the Beetle with a 788t and can share his user experience? Does it work well? Is the Tonmeister app comparable to the CL-WiFi app, when it comes to changing track/take names, metadata...? Thanks in advance Manuel
  2. Curious if anyone out there had used the newish Ambient UMP III? Specifically Is it as clean as the UMP II? How long do the NP-50s work? Thanks!
  3. The Tonmeister App is finally online and we added some more neat and free of charge features. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tonmeister/id931110535?l=de&ls=1&mt=8 (In response to the big amount of interest, feedback and questions I opened this new thread so nobody has to jump to the last page of our NAB thread all the time.) We are all sincerely sorry for the delay! To give you a more detailed explanation please read the6 new products thread. We think that the additional development time resulted in a more reliable app and we hope that you will like the tool. Please share your thoughts. We hope that we can grow this software together with you Kind regards Timo
  4. Some advice please... 2 questions. I'm recording a round table (L shaped actually) focus group discussion (about 5 ppl) and have been told that ease of mind is paramount for the subjects and rifle mic's are out of the question. It has also been intimated that laving people up might make them nervous (I dont think its a group of paranoid schizophrenics but I cant swear to it) I also got to view a previous video and it had a pretty crappy omni mic setup (maybe on cam) but one could hear what they were saying. I dont think quality is paramount here, but of course one has pride in ones job and Im getting paid. I certainly dont think they want ISO's (better check that...) The questions are 1) What would be the correct way to mic a set up like this. I like the idea of border? mics or some kind of omnis at each end of the table but I dont really know about them and their abilities/costs. 2) Can I bodge it but just leaving 3 - 5 wireless mics scattered around the table or is there a better way? I'm looking forward to using Dugan Mixing for the first time.
  5. Anyone using the ACN system with their 6 series since firmware update 3.1? ACN-ML / ACL204 / ACN-TL? My understanding is to get all the functionality of the ACN system you'd need boxes on all cameras and recorders(?) - however if you just had 1 box (jammed from the recorder) and used to provide stable TC to (1) camera (like you may use a tentacle-sync) what functionality, from a boxes both ends (full system), is still retained? Eg. If the box is on the camera and my browsing device is in wifi range, can I enter audio metadata (or is it only taking metadata from what it is plugged into)? Since firmware v4.00 we can choose a Wingman + Dongle + tentacle sync box (1), costing c. £350. So I'm trying to understand what a single Ambient ACN-TL (c. £580) would give me. Lastly since WM-connect is BT and ACN is WIFI and an iphone can do both, can Wingman "talk" to (a camera mounted) ACN device through wifi and still do its BT thing with the recorder? d
  6. Just picked up a Master Lockit a couple weeks ago and shot this on my phone. Finally posted it. Please excuse the poor quality of the video! Been using the Master Lockit on a few jobs already and very pleased!
  7. We proudly present one of the biggest Firmware updates in our history. Including Complete GUI overhaul, New Smart TRX Mode, Full Jam Mode, Custom Slate Clap Display, ... and many more improvements. To get the full story, just follow this link: http://eepurl.com/bMtgIT or just download Firmware 4.01 on www.ambient.de/en/downloads Kindly Timo
  8. Dear Ambient Recording friends, we are happy to welcome another key player of our industry as new member to our ACN™ family. With the integration of RED Digital Cinema cameras into our metadata system, we now are able to provide camera information to script and post from the two most popular cinema camera manufacturers. Furthermore, syncing RED cameras with an ACL 204 now is plug-and-play. Additionally, we are proud to present the first manufacturer that has integrated the ACN OEM module, and to introduce great new accessories for the popular ACN-LS digi slate.Please visit us on IBC Hall 8C73 and get some fresh Munich beer or taste some wine.To get a free IBC pass, use the link below and use our code 4879 to register.We look forward to welcoming you. Free IBC Tickets Read the full IBC news
  9. Hey everyone, I'm curious to see if anyone is using the new Master Lockit to feed continuous jam to the Nomad in the sound bag, and whether or not the Master Lockit's own 2.4ghz transmission to other ACN lockits onset are causing interference with various zaxnet commands, given that they'd be physically so close together in the bag? Cheers! Eren
  10. Syncing Mad Max - Fury Road I had the pleasure to do an interview with Ben Osmo, Production Sound Mixer and Oliver Machin, Sound Department Coordinator & Vehicle FX Recordist about their work on Mad Max - Fury Road in the desert of Nambia, Africa. Three units with up to 12 cameras worked simultaniously, sometimes up to 7km (4.35 mi.) away from each other while driving with 60-90 km/h (37- 56 mph). The air filled with desert sand containing metallic parts that drastically decreased wireless range, while the VFX dpt wanted the camera to use the UTC time information from the GPS satellites to be used as the reference for timecode, which enabled cross referencing between GPS positioning and the pictures. Over the course of our three-hour interview, Ben & Oliver recalled detailed information about their workflow, the tasks they had to manage, and their solutions to the technical challenges introduced by production demands and environmental conditions. Read the full story
  11. Hi everybody, Today is a good day, ... After long hours, weeks, months, and years we finally launched our all new website. www.ambient.de/en Only one part of the page still needs to be fed and I would heartily invite you to help us filling it. What are the most frequently asked questions you have to face when dealing with timecode, sync, boom poles, underwater recordings, or any other Ambient product? We would like to collect them all and make our FAQ section a useful source of advice to anybody needing help in the field. We'll add videos, active PDFs and interactive tutorials in the future to make it as helpful as possible. Please just throw question in this thread or mail them to timo@ambient.de Thanks a lot for your help! Cheers TImo P.S. I hope you like the new site
  12. Since 1st of March our ASF-1 hydrophone is finally shipping! Right now we do our best to cope with all the backorders as soon as possible. As underwater is the most demanding environment for gear, we thoroughly tested the ASF-1 all over Europe. Please enjoy our short videos, documenting some tests of the last months. The videos show how we continuously increased the demands on the ASF-1. So let's begin with the first test in the German Alps, more videos will follow: https://vimeo.com/123313111
  13. Please meet our new Tiny Mike Sets http://vimeo.com/84658414 Now including a Rycote InVision and our sophisticated QBS More information about the new sets can be found here in our newsletter, or here on our website...
  14. So I have been following very closely the development of that miracle 'all together' metadata protocol from various companies, and after the release of the new products from Ambient, TimecodeBuddy and Denecke, i believe a discussion is in order, hopefully even with a bit of input from the manufacturers themselves. So firstly we have a the TimecodeBuddy system. Some of you already using it, and apparently quite robust (900mhz and 2.4g transmission). Now they partnered with MovieSlate and Denecke. I love the fact that you can send metadata to the slate and other MovieSlate apps, but I don't see any integration with any recorder yet. I have been playing with MovieSlate recently, and although more complete than the CL-wifi or WaveAgent in terms of sound report creation, it lacks control of the unit and/or inputing of metadata directly into the files. I don't know how important that is for you or editors, but i like the fact that when inputing metadata on any of the Sound Devices apps, it adds this metadata directly to the files, not just the sound report. It means that if the sound report disappears, you can still create it back from the files. Also, it means entering scene and take only on one unit (we know sometimes we barely even have time for that!) And then in Ambient. Obviously their lockit boxes have been around for a while and we can agree they do their job exceptionally well. And now they have integrated ACN into all of their products. Again this means sharing of metadata over wifi, from the app, to the slate and to the receivers. But (just on paper for now) they are talking about an app that can not only input metadata and notes into the network while creating a sound report, it will also be able to control the sound devices 788t and input metadata directly. Also they have teamed up with Arri and are claiming compatibility with other cameras too. I guess there is no real question here, more of a 'what do you think of each' 'which one would you go for'? It's a bit of a shame again we have a war of formats, rather than a collaboration to achieve integration, but then again it is an industry and not a charity. Any comments on the systems, corrections or speculations are welcome and so is any 'extra' info the manufacturers want to add to convince us Hope all of you have a big post-NAB hangover... as I couldn't get one Best Diego Sanchez
  15. Ambient Insider's tips Recent requests from the USA and China showed that although frequently used in Europe some of our products and small workflow helpers are rather unknown to the majority of our community. Thus we would like to take the opportunity and introduce you to our "insider's tips" which have been on the market already for quite some time. VSLOT As prosumer as well as digital cinema cameras nowadays offer at least broadcast compatible video quality they mostly cut back professional audio features and inputs. With the VSLOT you can add a professional stereo slot-in receiver (of course also mono) to all cameras or rigs with a V-Mount battery. This way professional slot-in receiver from Lectrosonics, Sony, Audio Limited, Sennheiser, etc. can now be used on smaller HD cams or cinema cams, delivering an adequate audio to the good video quality. The receiver uses the power from the V-Mount battery and of course loops it through to the camera. The cables are available in different lengths to provide a slim camera rig without dangling cables while our included 20cm stereo cable works for most setups. It powers the receiver through the standard Unislot 25-pin DSUB connector... ...and delivers up to two channels on a 5-pin TA connector UMP II and QWB wireless boom solution The Quickpole Wireless Boom (QWB) is a handmade extension made out of carbon fiber and aluminum to attach a body pack wireless and our UMPII power supply to a boom tip. Of course it doesn’t matter whether it’s an Ambient pole or not as the stainless steel threads are standard 3/8”. It adds 25cm length to you boom with only 90g additional weight. The idea behind it is that plug-on transmitters often offer a worse range since they are using the Mic body as antenna. Now, of course the range you get from a plug-on is strongly depending how well your Mic body makes contact with the XLR or the plug-on. Thus sound mixers asked us a long time ago to develop something so they could use there rock solid belt packs also for their boom microphones. The UMP II, our latest generation, is lighter and smaller than our first box and can provide 48 and 12V Phantom as well as T-Power for older Mics. Dimensions (WHD): 57 x 92 x 18 mm Weight (unit only): 100 g It can power even the hungriest microphones, e.g. Schoeps CMIT for days from only two AA batteries. Of course one TA3f to XLR3 cable is included as well as a TA3f cable with one open end to solder your wireless connector to it. We took great care that our circuitry does not affect the audio at all. As our American customers prefer to use an internal cabled boom with a microphone power supply and a wireless transmitter on their belt we added a belt clip to the UMP II. In Europe sound mixers prefer to use the transmitter and Power source on their boom tip. Pros and Cons: The American way of course provides a lighter boom and easier access to the transmitter and Power distribution BUT Internal cable can rattle and the body pack on your belt has less range. The European way is a compact sized setup you also can use on a stand increases your boom lengths and offers the best wireless range. while of course the boom gets heavier. More Insider's tips will follow if you like Best Regards Timo P.S. we also offer an active Phantom Power to T-power cable called PTM
  16. I'm trying to feed my slate with off speed TC for a music video playback (via Comteks). The display though shows/updates to my numbers very spottily - and the reception LED mostly stays on red no matter what levels I'm sending. I have the slate on READ (dip 4 + 5 are on) and also have dips 1,2,3 as off, off, on - according to the manual. Anybody know of ways to trick the slate into behaving....? Thank you, Karl
  17. I was just going through the menus on a Tiny Lockit and came across the PPF setting. What would you use the PPF trigger for in a typical sound workflow? I am not quite understanding what scenario it would be used in? Is it more of a setting that would be used by camera guys to trigger mulitple cameras to roll or to trigger a repeatable head to start its move? Also, with the Tiny Lockit you can adjust the PPF rate? Any ideas what that does? Thanks
  18. Three New Products at IBC 2013 Lockit Slate - Lockit Script App - QS-Mini This was the IBC, again. Time moves fast when you are busy, and our last year just passed at lightning speed. After one year of extensive development we would like to present the latest results of our work. With the new Lockit Slate and Lockit Script App as well as the integration of our time code in the Adobe Prelude live logger app we continue to upgrade our time code series to the newest Ambient Clockit Network technology. Whereas the QS-Mini boompole brings our premium range to customers who prefer shorter lengths. Since the numbers of pictures per post are limited you'll find the details behind the links... Sorry for the inconvenience. We would like to thank you for visiting our booth. It was a pleasure to enjoy a fresh drafted Munich beer or organic wine made by Chris Price with you. We look forward to seeing you at NAB! Your Ambient Recording team
  19. http://vimeo.com/71959025 With firmware 3.1 for the Tiny Lockit and the Lockit we added a few exceedingly powerful features. "Use your Lockit to send the camera time code to your recorder without the fear of wireless dropouts!" The new software integrates a TC transceiver mode to the units using the already existing ACN network hardware. So without additional equipment your Lockit is now a fully functional time code transmitter or receiver. Thanks to the internal generator running in the background, TC dropouts are a relic of the past. "No need to tune your Lockits with the rental ones anymore!" Using the already well accepted ACN sync broadcast we added a nifty invisible feature. The new sync broadcast doesn't stop after the first broadcast but it will resend smaller timestamps every four seconds. All receiving units will compare their internal generated time code with the highly accurate timestamp and pull up or down the generator speed until they are completely matched. This is done imperceptible and without having to press extra buttons. The only thing you’ll notice that you never get bothered again by post about drift or offset problems when using Lockits from various sources. Even more this makes the system now suitable for line-sync online editing. "Sync your Pro Tools system with all cameras during a concert shot!" When you connect your Lockit or Tiny Lockit to your PC or MAC it will be recognized immediately as Audio/ Midi device. Just select your unit in your DAW as time code source and you're ready to rock. Now you get the camera TC into your software or you can use your Session TC on your cameras. If you own a Lockit you can even wordclock sync your Audio Interface to the camera video sync. This means that you can shoot a whole festival and trust that your cameras and your audio stay in sync. Lockit Firmware Tiny Lockit Firmware Installation Guide Video Enjoy your new features Your Ambient Team
  20. Ambient Lectromote now for FREE We won't continue to develop our Lectromote App. As our software engineering team is beyond their capacities already with our hardware products and New Endian is doing a good job with their LectroRM app we decided to stop development of our Lectromote App. You can now enjoy the basic functionality for free. Best Regards Your Ambient Team http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lectromote/id429924228?mt=8#
  21. Munich, Germany 4th of April 2013 Ambient Recording goes Premium with the all new QS boompole For more than 20 years Ambient Recording has produced professional carbon fiber boompoles. The tubes used for our products are not off the shelf items but specially manufactured to our own specification using upscale yet still affordable Hi-Q modulus carbon fibers. This high quality soon made Ambient the leading manufacturer for professional booms in many parts of the world. Now we wanted to go one step beyond and construct our masterpiece. The QS boompole is handmade out of Pre-preg carbon. This is an extremely time-consuming way of production but it gives us the possibility to design the tube characteristics layer by layer. Our aim was to create a boom so stiff, lightweight and well balanced that the boom op can control his microphone like a surgeon controls his scalpel but from an 18 feet distance! Besides the tubing we refashioned the screw locks for better grip when working with gloves. The result we achieved is nothing less than the stiffest, most precise boom on the market that can truly be called the best pole we ever built. Facts - Weight: 37 oz - Length: 5.1' collapsed to 17.7' extended (with optional QP 120 up to 22') - Availability: Shipping starts 15th of May See you at NAB booth C2059 and C3027
  22. It was rarely so relieving to post that we are finally shipping... After our first production line (incl. the 3 QS poles shown in the USA) failed our quality tests because they were not as stiff as the prototypes but "only" as stiff as a QP, we suffered from the biggest flood in history. All streets to and from our boom factory were blocked for weeks. Luckily our facility is on a hill near Passau, so it was not directly affected by the flood. Today we finally could start the assembling of the first QS poles and start shipping. We are very sorry for anybody who had to wait and we do our best to catch up with our backorders asap. Your Ambient Team
  23. You want to come to NAB and haven't got a ticket, yet? Be our guest! NAB 2013 8th- 11th of April Las Vegas, Convention Center Booth # C2059 & C3027 Visit us on America's biggest broadcast show. For the first time Ambient Recording will be represented twice at NAB. So you can meet us of course at our own booth all new and repositioned at C2059 and at the beautiful booth of our recently installed US distributor Redding Audio at C3027. Meet us, talk about our gear, experience, nerd stuff, suggestions or just chat about the weather. At NAB you can expect nothing less than one world premiere, anticipated and well known products as well as some custom made gear. We look forward to welcome you! Just write an email to timo@ambient.de P.S. only 14 left... first come, first serve!
  24. @AmbientRec I just took a swift snapshot of the first ACM-204 Lockit Mount before I disassembled it again, to ship it to Redding Audio USA. The ACM-204 can be screwed to your aluminum Lockit within seconds (4screws). For anybody not owning one of the new anniversary edition Lockits, don't be disappointed, The ACM-TL will be shipped soon, too. It will be delivered with screws for the Tiny Lockit and an adhere tape to be fixed to all your other Clockit devices. Why not screwing, too? That's because we are using self-cutting screws for our plastic bodies. Thus, unscrewing them would decrease their load capacity. This way we couldn't be sure that the backplate will withstand the roughest conditions. But durability is one of the main things Ambient products stand for. The adhere tape we deliver is incredibly strong and combined with the self-cutting screws the ACM-TL just won't break.
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