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Found 7 results

  1. Hey all! As I'm currently retrofitting a few Sony MDR-7506 headphones with the Remote Audio Headset Cable, here's the rather unusual pinout for the TA5 connector Remote Audio use on their headsets and headset cables: 1 – Headphone Right 2 – Headphone Left 3 – Headphone Common 4 – Microphone Ground 5 – Microphone Audio (and 5V, if chosen) Cheers, Jürg
  2. Seeking user feedback about these models. Remote audio claims they are lighter than competition, but I have yet to find specs online. Are users pairing these with Meon's, using them stand-alone, or coupling with regulators? Thanks
  3. I recently purchased a Remote Audio BDSv4u kit from B and H online (view product here) and I have been having some problems getting it to power up. It is wired in to 2 Lectrosonics 411a receivers and a Sound Devices 552 with remote audio cables (that were included in the kit) and powered from a Globalmediapro NP1 batteries with a remote audio NP1 cup adapter. The problem I have is when I use a freshly charged battery and turn on the BDSv4u the switch briefly flashes red and does not power up. If I use a non-fully charged battery however the problem doesn't seem to occur. I've found that if I power up the 552 from internal power then switch on the BDSv4u and then flip the 552 from internal to external power it stays on, so it seems to be an issue with powering up from the 552 causing a surge that causes the BDSv4u to cut out. This seems to mostly occur when I power up the BDSv4u with only the 552 switched on (to ext power). I can sometimes get it to work with a fully charged battery when I have the 411a's on but not always. But I don't always want the 411a receivers on even though I always have them wired in to the bag. I recorded a short demo video which shows everything I've explained to help you better diagnose the problem which you can watch here https://vimeo.com/48428016. Anyone have an idea as to what might be happening? Faulty perhaps? I've tried contacting Remote Audio on their info email to no avail. Anyone know a better way to contact them? Phone not a good option due to time difference between Australia and the States. I haven't contacted B & H for a replacement yet because I'd rather diagnose the issue before sending it back and being without a BDS for 3 weeks when the next one might do the same thing. Thanks in advance...
  4. Announcing new Remote Audio NP-1 battery cups with improved back plate design. Remote Audio is now implementing a new back plate design on all of its NP-1 battery cup products. The new back plate is made of ABS plastic and custom molded to fit our NP-1 cups. It affixes to the cup with self-tapping screws and is designed to be a permanent replacement to the previous adhesive back plate. If you have an existing back plate that is peeling or needs repair, we are offering new back plates at no charge for a limited time. You have the following options: 1) You may send your peeling NP-1 cups to Remote Audio for upgrade. We will remove the old adhesive back plates and install new ones at no charge. Please contact us at info@remoteaudio.com or call 615-256-3513 for a Return Authorization number. OR 2) You may request an upgrade kit that contains the new back plate and mounting screws. The screws require a Torx #8 driver for proper assembly (not included). To request your kit, contact us at info@remoteaudio.com or call 615-256-3513. We will ship the kit with instructions via USPS at no charge. Limit two (2) kits per person. Additional kits are $3. Newly manufactured units will include this new back plate design and be available to dealers shortly.
  5. Remote Audio is now offering an update for all Meon LiFe units manufactured before April 15, 2013. The update ensures reliable switching to/from battery power in the event of a brown out or similar AC power irregularity. The update is also beneficial in certain circumstances when the Meon LiFe is used in conjunction with a gas powered generator or power conditioning device (e.g. Furman). Parts and installation will be free of charge. Customers will be responsible for all shipping charges. Service will be performed at Remote Audio’s main office in Nashville, TN. Customers in the Los Angeles, CA area may alternatively bring their unit to Trew Audio’s LA location, an authorized Remote Audio service center. If you are interested in getting the update, please contact our main office first for a Return Authorization number and further information. You can contact us at 615-256-3513 or info@remoteaudio.com. Please have your unit’s serial number ready when you contact us. Thank you.
  6. Hey Super Friends! I need your help. I bought these: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/766107-REG/Remote_Audio_BCSHSEBC_BCSHSEBC_Communication_Headset_with.html And this adapter: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=orderHistory&A=details&Q=&sku=766113&is=REG I set it all up on my Fusion. Plugged it in power it. Tested it all out, sounds great. I bought it so I can talk to my Boom Op. I decided to set up my IFB100 and see how it sounded on my ERX's. There is a bad high pitch noise on the ERX's. And now on my Fusion as well. I played around with everything. Different power, different inputs, settings, everything. I am using a BDS system. The Fusion is powered on its own and so is the BDS. I don't think its the power. When I put the mic on the headset near the antenna of the IFB100 it gets worse. The only solution is to keep the two apart as much as possible. But with my current cart set up its tricky to do. Anyone else experience this? Ideas? Any suggestions would be badass.
  7. Hi, I'm building a cart and need some power distribution. Thinking in maximum flexibility and weight control, I thought of using a DBSv4u as the power distributor. I'm using a Fusion, mix 8 and Oktopack. All running, consumes 3Ah far less than the 5Ah maximum power that the unit can handle. Any thoughts on the Idea?
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