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Found 5 results

  1. I'm planning a Lectro wireless kit for use in Australia and I'm trying to work out what blocks to buy. My planned setup is talent SMQV (max 6) going to SR receivers in the bag, and then two SMQV for camera hop going to another SR on camera. The setup will be based in Canberra, but used Australia wide. So far I'm thinking about block 24 for talent and block 26 for hops, and maybe IFB on block 21. Anyone with Australia Lectro experience let me know what you think. Thanks! Chris
  2. I'm not happy with how I store my 6 Lectro SMQV transmitters in my equipment case. Currently, I keep them side by side, three to each half in a Lectro zippered pouch. Once placed, they immediately start rattling around, not staying put. One plus for this pouch is the pocket in the upper flap that allows storage of antennas, etc. This retrieval/return is a repeat activity that needs to be bulletproof in all conditions and I'm curious how my colleagues deal with it. Thanks in advance.
  3. Any reason NOT to go with the WM? Seams like the same as SMQV only water proof...
  4. I have a few SMQV transmitters that have turned black on the casing. I think this generally comes from sweat and the like. I hesitate to say oxidation because I don't know the science. What is the best recommended solution for cleaning this up? Just a standard solution from the grocery store? They are always so pretty when they come back from the mothership.
  5. Hey guys. I recently purchased a Lectro SRa for use as a camera hop, and took it out for the first time a few days ago. It was fed by 2 SMQV's, which in turn were fed by the line level outs of my 788. I left the gain of the 788 output at -4dB and set both the tx's and rx gain to zero. When I did this, I noticed that the metering on the SRa seemed really hot, while the meters on the tx's were barely hitting above -20. Did I get something mixed up with the gain staging here, or am I just misreading meters on the SRa (I haven't found anything in the manual about the meter scale)? Seems like the metering on the tx's should be more or less identical to the rx, assuming that there's no additional gain applied to the rx. Right?
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