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  1. Hey Fellow Sound People. I own a small rental house in the Dominican Republic and even though things slowed down alot this year, we have been able to turn a small profit. I want to make some sort of branded christmas gift to the guys that rent regularly from us to thank them for their support. I was hoping to get some ideas from the people here. I would love for it to be something usefull on set and hopefully soemthing I can get our logo on. Some of the ideas I have are the following: One of those caps that have sun protection for neck. Expendables pouch with basic expendables in it. Small adapter kit with some basic adapters in it. Any and all ideas welcome. Keep in mind we cannot break the bank doing this. Quantity will probable be 10-15 max. Thanks in advance!
  2. I swapped usb cable and it worked. The usb cable I was using was the problem. It charged but dis not connect to the computer... go figure
  3. I am connecting my new nano to my computer, a mac running Sierra 10.12.1. I have downloaded Ambient Lockit toolbox both 5.0 and 5.10 and the software does not recognize the Nanos. What am I missing here?
  4. Hey guys, Just looking for some info on this. Im using 2 pairs of 211s and 200b. With 2 Sanken cos11 that came from the shop wired for lectro LMa. Im getting a weird noise like harmonics way back in there. Do i need to rewire for the 200b? Is the wiring different? I read something that made me think that. I bought the lectros used and had never used them, so i don't know if the noise is normal but i doubt it. I also have to keep the trim on the 200b very very low. Thoughts, Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for the help guys! We ended up shooting at 32 fps because tdouble speed was too fast for the actor to keep up with, looked great, seemed like the right speed, and they will be doing adr, they just needed to get the speed right. Sent from my iPad.
  6. ok they are doing 48FPS not 100. just had a meeting with the director. have the wild lines recorded, halving the time of the audio by TCE in protools seems to more than double the speed. Is that the correct way of doubling the speed? it just seems so much faster. Derek, are you saying that if i record the audio with the actor talking at normal speed @96khz and thenplay it back @ 48khz it will sync with the video played back at 24fps?
  7. Good observation jay, the will be slowing it down. Sent from my iPad.
  8. A client is shooting a commercial and wants to do a shot with dialog at 100 frames. The producer tells me that they have done it before and that they record the audio normally, then speed it up and have the talent practice it at that speed so that when they bring it down, it matches, sounds crazy to me, any ideas on what to do here, it would make more sense to me to record audio normally and then slow it down. Any ideas? Sent from my iPad.
  9. so... if i get the new PSC Life PO Pelican battery, could i use a remote audio hotbox and a 10amp charger simultaneously for uninterupted power supply? How would i wire this?
  10. Soundman, can you describebthe setup with the hotbox a little more? I was thinking of going with the hotbox, does it work as a ups? How do you charge the battery?
  11. I have a cart with 788t/cl8, blackmagic smartview duo monitors, rackmount venue fully loaded and samson headphone amp. Trying to avoid spending 1500 for meon life, whats a good option for me? I would like something that could be used as uninterupted power supply in case i get disconnected by mistake, and also if i have to work w/o genny. Any thoughts?
  12. I love the monitors, the only drawback is only hd sdi, and only controls via software and even then very basic.
  13. Hello again all! I am looking to power a small cart with 788t/Cl8, Rackmount Venue w/ 6 VRS, Blackmagic Smartwiew Duo monitors, Lacie Rugged FW HD(powered from 788t). I was wondering if these battery chargers with power supply switch to battery automatically if power is lost. I was thinking of using it as a sort of backup for AC shortages or shots that dont use the generator. I am planning on using a remote audio hotbox v2 and using the charger as its power supply and battery connection. I as looking at these for this purpose: Switronix NC-2LJ 2-Position NP-1 Type Simultaneous Charger and IDX JL-2PLUS 2-Channel Fast Charger I would really appreciate any thoughts on whether or not this is possible and would be a good system.
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