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  1. Mario Cardenas

    SMQV storage

    Thanks all for your comments. In an ideal world I would incorporate elements of many of the suggestions above into something that has form factor of the Lectro pouch (and the space allotted for it in my "documentary" Pelican case) with upright padded slots with Mr. T or Wonder Woman graphics held in place by a hard foam divider. Now to make it happen ...
  2. Mario Cardenas

    SMQV storage

    I'm not happy with how I store my 6 Lectro SMQV transmitters in my equipment case. Currently, I keep them side by side, three to each half in a Lectro zippered pouch. Once placed, they immediately start rattling around, not staying put. One plus for this pouch is the pocket in the upper flap that allows storage of antennas, etc. This retrieval/return is a repeat activity that needs to be bulletproof in all conditions and I'm curious how my colleagues deal with it. Thanks in advance.
  3. Mario Cardenas

    80/20® Two-Module Sound Cart

    Beautiful work, nicely done.
  4. Mario Cardenas

    Pluraleyes Good or..not?

    May I ask what receivers you prefer to glom on to a DSLR for the "scratch track"?
  5. Mario Cardenas

    Anyone with experience regarding the SD 688 "mix assist"?

    I've used MixAssist on my 788 three or four times, with varying results. I think the quieter the background the better and indoors better than out. The one time I used it "outside" in a building being renovated with the street nearby I got the worst results. It certainly helps that you also have iso tracks to back everything up.
  6. Mario Cardenas

    Schoeps CMC4 to 48 volt phantom upgrade service

    Pete modified two of my CMC4s, the results are great. Terrific service, excellent communication.
  7. Mario Cardenas

    Fans on Red Epic

    My sentiments exactly.
  8. Mario Cardenas

    Sony FS7

    A three FS7 day! None with the backs, so sync will be on the backs of the editors in their caves. Got TOD close enough in each camera, smart slate with numbers from the 633. Levels set, checked things easily (but not deeply--no time): it's an amalgam of analog and digital controls, d 'n d news or more elaborate stuff. Not one of the beautiful machines of yesteryear but one for the times.
  9. Mario Cardenas

    Awesomely Awesome Sound

    My rate fluctuates according to how much I've been working lately and I'm more likely to cut deals in January here in the Boston area than at other, busier times of the year. The guy seems to have nailed a niche market, but perhaps a billboard is not the best way to go-unless it's just outside a coffee shop where producers/camera people hang out.