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Found 5 results

  1. Here is a caddy for your Lectrosonics SR I built recently. I also made one for my D4. I have other projects like this on my instagram, if interested check it out! @100sideprojects Thanks!
  2. Hi all. I thought that AVX systen would be goot to use for camera hop, but I noticed some weird harmonics in the signal. Sent test tone from SD633 to AVX and recorded it on the computer. Did the same test with cable connection and got these results. Also compared AVX to Azden pro-dx. Audio files added. Can anyone confirm that. First pic is AVX, second ,cable connection Azden.wav AVX.wav
  3. Picking up some Comteks for IFB pretty soon. I am getting Opt 7 for the bag transmitter, but probably not for client monitoring. However, since the Comtek uses the headphone wire as the antenna, if I were to put these on cameras for scratch audio where I don't want unnecessary cable lengths will I need the Opt 7 antenna? I really don't care about range benefits or occasional hits since it will be for scratch, but I'm wondering if anyone is using them on cameras without the additional antenna and if the cable causes any issues. Thanks.
  4. For an upcoming job I've been asked to feed my mix to an iRig PRO (connected to an iPad) for reference. The iPad will be recording video and sound for reference and archival purposes. From what I've seen on the IK Multimedia website, it'll take a line-level signal. I'm planning on sending the feed via Comtek taped to the device (which will be housed in some sort of cradle.) Seems pretty straightforward, but I'll be grateful for any known pitfalls or insight you could share with me. TIA!
  5. Here's a link to the Audioroot cLINK 2.4Ghz camera hop: http://www.audioroot.fr/audioroot-wireless-audio-camera-link-product-42.html I'm not sure of the various attempts to use the 2.4Ghz as the frequencies for a camera hop because of all the 'other' types of kit trying to use these frequencies including the 2.4Ghz video senders that would be sitting a few inches away! Apart from that I think it looks fantastic! Wil
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