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  1. 100sideprojects

    How to attach axle to 8020?

    This is what I did for someone that came to me with the same problem!
  2. 100sideprojects

    Bag cart DIY build

    Nice builds!
  3. 100sideprojects

    DIY Dipole antenna!

    Stainless steel cable and clear heatshrink. Thanks Simmiz
  4. 100sideprojects

    New bag build!

    Good idea! I didn't think of that.
  5. 100sideprojects

    New bag build!

    Recently I switched from a SD664 to a 633. Naturally a new bag was in order, so here are some of the pictures!
  6. 100sideprojects

    Boom Stand

  7. 100sideprojects

    Boom Stand

    Thanks aginzo! Everything except for the stand is machined parts.
  8. 100sideprojects

    Another TA5 low profile! Not right angle this time

    Send me your address!
  9. 100sideprojects

    Another TA5 low profile! Not right angle this time

    Thanks Mike! Unfortunately every time I send the caps to someone, they can't install them properly. Mostly because they are not as technically savvy as they claim to be or their cable guy does not care enough to do a proper job. Then the complaining starts and it really is not worth the time. What I can do is send you a few pieces to try out, if you like them we can talk more.
  10. 100sideprojects

    This could be me & my foldup cart...

    Nice little cart Rob! Love it!
  11. 100sideprojects

    Boom Stand

    Here is a cymbal stand I turned into a boom stand!
  12. 100sideprojects

    DIY camera snake?

    In my opinion you would need more than just a soldering iron and some basic skills to execute this cable properly! First of all you have about $120-$150 in parts, depending on where you get them. Time needed to source the parts, minimum 2 hours if you know where to go. Second, there are number of tools you will need to pull this off. Some you might have, some you probably will not. There are also various supplies you will need, such as different sizes heat shrink, cables sleeving etc. Now! You have 13 connectors (if you want a quick connect on both sides) 4 of those are multi pin (7 contacts, possibly . You have at least an hour or two of cable preparation, measuring, cutting, stripping and tinning. Once that's completed, all that is left to do is solder the connectors, another hour or two, depending on your level of expertise. When you add it all up it turns out to be something like 6 hours of work + $150 in parts, that is best case scenario, IF everything goes as planned. You would have to be a very good cable maker to pull it off for the same price that you can get it at Trew, unless you are making a batch of 100. All I'm saying is that even though the price feels "pretty ridiculous" to you, it's actually pretty fair. Now! I am all for sound guys making our own cables, repairing our gear and developing our skills. Great amounts of pleasure and pride comes from that, we all love doing it for those reasons, however, the above statement sounds a lot like something I would hear from a producer or a director who says: We don't need a sound guy, we have an onboard mic! With a furry!
  13. 100sideprojects

    BDS connectors

    Thanks Chris!
  14. 100sideprojects

    BDS connectors

    Where can we get these Chris? I would like to try them out! That is a terrible connector. I don't understand how it found its way into the professional world!
  15. 100sideprojects

    Cart building day!!!

    Great work thope!