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  1. To my knowledge, cameras do not record audio when rolling off-speed. As far as asking Video Assist to slow down the audio track, it's possible, but synching it properly on set, quickly enough to be able to show selected takes for the client would be a challenge. BK
  2. Sorry, Jon. I just saw this. I haven't tried to register freqs in a long time. Seems like a fool's errand. I'm mostly a day player, so I often don't find out where I'm going to be (and, just as often, how many freqs I'll need) one or two days before the job - so trying to register anything would be virtually impossible. HTH, BK
  3. That may be the case, Philip. However, I'm reminded of a documentary I worked on a few years ago, in which the (American) DP, who works in France, insisted we shoot in 24fps. After much discussion, I agreed. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that the telecine would simply transfer the video at 23.97. Sooo… I learned the hard way (after syncing the files!!) that I should have simply recorded at 23.97 and call it a day. Live and learn… BK
  4. Jay, I just saw this gem. Would you allow me to post the link to one of the soud groups I belong to on Facebook (Freelance Sound Mixers & Recordists for TV/Film)? Cheers, BK
  5. I've been looking for the same thing, and just came across this: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MS8000--behringer-ultralink-ms8000-microphone-splitter Still haven't decided how I'm going to handle my backup situation, but I agree that, at least for my cart, I want to have a true backup independent from the recorder - belt and suspenders, as it were. FWIW, in my application, the main recorder is a 688, and I intend to send the mix, plus the first six ISO channels, to Boom Recorder. HTH, BK
  6. I would try Lorenzo Millan and Brian Garfield. Both very experienced mixers. Good luck, BK
  7. Indeed I am. Look , I realized a while ago I won't change your mind. I just hoped you would crack it open, at least a bit… No such luck. When I was a teenager I read von Danicken's books and was all over the Bermuda Triangle, etc. It's all fascinating stuff, but, ultimately… it's all bullshit. I'm sorry you can't see it. I'll just say this (and, please, don't bother replying. I won't visit this thread again): if aliens visited the Earth, I can GUARANTEE we would all find out RIGHT QUICK. Just give it the common sense test. Peace, BK
  8. Hi there. I'm currently using Wireless Designer on my MacBook Pro, and am interested in this iOS app. Please contact me at your convenience, as I would be willing to be a beta tester, if you still need one. Regards, BK
  9. fieldmixer, you're giving the US government too much credit with secrecy and other aspects. I know it's kinda comforting to think you're above us all and are aware of these momentous revelations, but there are quite a few people who are far smarter than you and me, who understand that the Rosswell incident is much ado about nothing. Yes, I've read a lot about this and other incidents, and found that the common sense explanation that makes sense is simply that there are many ingorant people out there who came up with outlandish stories. Do you also think that
  10. Against my better judgement, I will pipe in briefly to add a tiny dose of reason and common sense: Dear fieldmixer: have you ever tried to make a group of, say, a dozen people keep a secret? Now, imagine if the secret was momentous - like, I don't know, something that would change the way we see our world. Now, imagine we're not talking about a dozen people, but a couple hundred. Do this excercise, but without thinking about UFOs or Greer or any of us. Do the excercise as a logical experiment. You know, like a scientist. I am fairly certain there are other cultures out
  11. I filled it out on a Mac, some three years ago, and it was very arcane and cumbersome, but I was able to do it. IIRC, I ended using Firefox, which isn't the browser I normally use. Cheers, BK
  12. If you're in Pro Tools, there's a way to use, yes, math - let's say regular speed is 24fps and they want 35 fps. All you had to do is figure out by what percentage 35 is higher than 24, then apply that percentage to stretch the track. HTH, BK
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