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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone. First time poster here. I have been lurking for a little bit now and am inspired by the knowledge of everyone. That being said, I am currently trying to prep for a shoot and am looking to purchase a solid mic for some interior scenes that we will be doing that have plenty of dialogue. In the past, I have used a AT4053b, a solid Audio Technica Hypercardoid. However, I am looking to see what you all have used in the past or present based off of your experience, rather than internet reviews. My budget is pretty low end, not looking for Shoeps or anything near $1000. Probably a modest $450-$500 is my budget.
  2. 'I will mumble this only once': BBC's Nazi drama SS-GB hit by dialogue complaints SS-GB, the BBC’s new alternative history miniseries, has become the corporation’s latest primetime costume drama to be marred by complaints about mumbling. The audience for the second episode of Jamaica Inn fell by 1.6 million after the initial complaints. The BBC’s controller of drama commissioning, Ben Stephenson, was apologised to viewers and promised the corporation would examine the sound issues that plagued the first episode. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2017/feb/20/i-will-mumble-this-only-once-bbcs-new-nazi-drama-ss-gb-hit-by-dialogue-complaints
  3. I've got a job coming up where a section of the program will be snippets of dialogue from a motor cyclist while he is on the bike. It's not a great deal but does need capturing. We will be in a camera car ahead of the bikes so I'm firstly concerned about range and obviously I'm not entirely sure on the best way to mic yet. I was thinking inside the helmet could give a good isolation from the horrendous amounts of inevitable wind noise? Any of you guys have experience with this? The range could be solved with Zaxcom systems so they record independently however I don't currently own them and budget has already been planned and maxed out so there's no more room for rentals.
  4. Very good and simple tutorials from Jose Luis Diaz for dialogue editing. I recommend also the book "Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures: A Guide to the Invisible Art" from John Purcell (2nd edition). Dialogue Editing 1: Organization http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDwQCO7v1ME Dialogue Editing 2: Basic Transitions http://youtu.be/9MqSD7E5K7M Dialogue Editing 3: Using Reverse Room Tone http://youtu.be/Jrfb6MGJHpc Dialogue Editing 4: Aligning Shots http://youtu.be/RKwf5UWKh2c Dialogue Editing 5: The Telephone Split http://youtu.be/SqHKaPo2tY8
  5. I feel like I know the answer to this, but for some reason I can't seem to properly wrap my mind around this. I understand when there's music, partying, and dancing and what not, that the BG is quiet and dialogue is done. Then you record your BG walla (or post inserts their own) and the scene is done. I've done plenty of those that have turned out great. Now, What happens when you have on-screen dialogue along with people clapping and cheering in BG? For instance, a scene with a politician walk and talk through a crowd, or someone at the podium in front of a crowd. Whenever I see these scenes in a movie or TV, I feel like there is no possible way those people are fake clapping. After quite a few years of doing this, I have yet to encounter the situation even while working for other mixers. So I'm looking to my fellow mixers for some information on what seems to be the normal protocol. Cheers... literally.
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