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Found 7 results

  1. Looking to hire a sound mixer fluent in Arabic and English for documentary project (NOT reality) in September-October. Most of the shoot involves international travel. Competitive rate. You can be based in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world. Ideal gear would be: lightweight ENG bag (SD 633 os similar) with two wireless lav receivers, TC syncbox and mono wireless feed to camera. Still in the preproduction phase, don't have a budget or a schedule yet. Please send me your CV and list of gear at: blas-at-blaguecommunications-dot-com Thanks!
  2. ROOT Sports Northwest & Seahawks All Access are looking to hire local boom operators, with equipment, for Seahawks road dates this season. We are interested in obtaining a quote for your services & equipment rental. The shoot is for a TV show called Seahawks All Access. You would be working with an ENG photographer who will supply you with a Lectrosonics transmitter to provide a "one way" wireless hop from your boom kit to the camera for a single system shoot with our Sony PDW-700 being the recorder. The gig is documenting pregame team activities, bench/sideline sound in game, and post game podium/locker room sound. There is a bit of run and gun hustle during the pregame, so mobility is key. Official credentials and parking will be coordinated and provided. Equipment requirements: 1 x Boom pole (12’ or longer) Because of certain sideline restrictions this is the shortest pole required (longer the better). 1 x Shotgun Microphone (Sennheiser 416 or equal) w/ shock-mount and wind protection. 1 x Microphone Pre-amp or field mixer with phantom power, at least 1 XLR line output and Headphone output for monitoring. 1 x Headphones 2 x XLR cable for Microphone and Wireless Transmitter connection. (ROOT Sports will provide connectivity for your output cable to our RF TX) **Please travel an extra XLR or breakout cable (minimum 25’) for a backup in case wireless signal is compromised in any way, a source to power your equipment, and rain gear in case of inclement weather. Here are the dates/times for the 2014 Seahawks road schedule (ALL TIMES PST): Sept. 14 @ San Diego 1pm Kickoff / 10am Call Oct. 6 @ Washington DC 5:30pm Kickoff / 2:30pm Call Oct. 19 @ Saint Louis 10am Kickoff / 7am Call Oct. 26 @ Carolina 10am Kickoff / 7am Call Nov. 16 @ Kansas City 10am Kickoff / 7am Call Nov. 27 @ San Francisco 5:30pm Kickoff / 2:30pm Call Dec. 7 @ Philadelphia 1:00pm Kickoff / 10am Call Dec. 21 @ Arizona 5:30pm Kickoff / 2:30pm Call Please PM if you are interested and available. I will supply more information as we move forward. Thank you, Andrew 2014 Seahawks RS Schedule.pdf
  3. Hi. I have 2 PSC Promix 6. I like it so much. I wonder why it was discontinued. I'm looking for articles about it but couldn't find one. Anybody knows why? Thanks.
  4. Hello all, I am an Orlando sound mixer and have been working in Florida since 1995. I have recently upgraded my ENG package to a Zaxcom Nomad 10 package. I have a pretty decent package to accommodate a wide variety of productions. Pretty much trying to network any work so I can pay for all the money I spent on it. I work great with any kind of crew and I have many people in the Orlando market that can vouch for my work experience and work ethic. Would love to work outside of Florida as well, if the stars align right (It's difficult to do jobs outside of Florida when they want to pay as a local. But, how do the other guys do it?). I'm also open to work with another sound mixer as boom operator. It's actually my favorite thing when it comes to major jobs like commercials. Alex Ginzo 321-202-0676
  5. I've been thinking about purchasing a small lighting kit- maybe an Arri kit, or/and some LED light panels- just a basic interview package. The plan being that if I'm hired as sound mixer on small ENG shoots I can offer these as extra equipment for rent. On these two man jobs I often end up helping the camera op set up lights anyway. I think could be useful especially to producers who fly in from out of town to do a few quick interviews and fly out right afterwards. I could offer a basic lighting package saving them from bringing heavy lights on the plane, or having to figure out getting lights from a local rental house. It might even save local producers time picking up lights the day before a shoot. I wouldn't want to get into anything complicated that would require a full G and E package. Even simple lighting is pretty expensive though, so before I decide to go down that path I thought I would ask if anyone else here has bought into purchasing lighting and has this been a worthwhile investment, or do you find that most of the time they end up sitting at home not making any money?
  6. Hi! The Swedish national Public Service Television channel is about to go down to Berlin to make a show between the 12th and 19th of december, and they can't afford to bring a swedish soundie... Why, I don't know. Anywho, if you want a chance on this job, please PM me or post here and I'll bring on the information. I myself have no idea of what the job actually entails, what gear to have and what the rate is. I saw an ad on the Swedish freelance register and I thought I'd post it on here. Cheers!
  7. Hi everyone. I have a gig that I am not going to be able to finish because of double booking. I have a 4 day Reality Shoot in Packwood Washington available. They shot the whole month of July with me, and need to go back for some pickups. You will have an A2/2nd Mixer who knows the ropes and can help out with anything you need. Great Guy! They will be blowing up a 300 foot mountain with dynamite. Should be fun! Please contact me @ 818-359-1348 if you are interested. Great people - and copy, credit, meals.....just kidding! $550 a day. We can talk equipment. MUST know Zaxcom. Lectro will NOT work on this job. I can explain when you call. ~Thomas Popp Popp Sound LLC 818-359-1348
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