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Found 14 results

  1. Hey this is my first time posting here, so I apologies if I'm posting in the wrong section. I'm a field mixer in Australia and have a shoot in Hawaii in April. My kit is primarily made up of block 26 transmitters and receivers. My question: Which frequencies are illegal in the US (in particular Hawaii) and will this effect my block 26 set up? Thank you in advance for any and all help!
  2. For multiple wireless systems, what is your protocol? How do you space your frequencies? What anomalies have you found?
  3. I'm planning a Lectro wireless kit for use in Australia and I'm trying to work out what blocks to buy. My planned setup is talent SMQV (max 6) going to SR receivers in the bag, and then two SMQV for camera hop going to another SR on camera. The setup will be based in Canberra, but used Australia wide. So far I'm thinking about block 24 for talent and block 26 for hops, and maybe IFB on block 21. Anyone with Australia Lectro experience let me know what you think. Thanks! Chris
  4. Hi friends, i just picked up a G3 IEM belt pack to use in conjunction with my other G3 equipment. Standard procedure for many of you. Now could someone explain to me why the frequency presets for band A on the IEM receiver do not match the presets for the EK/SK100 body packs in the same band? I realize we can program user presets, but really, did they have to do that? My apologies if there is an existing thread that covers it. My searches can up empty. Cheers Adam
  5. Hey Guys, I'm new here and I've done a few searches looking for the info I need but haven't quite found an answer to my specific question. I'm shooting for 3 weeks in the Philippines on a doco - I'm setting up an audio rig with 2 radio mics (along with a boom). Nothing too strenuous, no water action, just interviews etc We'll be in Manilla but also Davao City. Only thing is I can't find any info on the restricted frequencies inside the Philippines. So I'm a bit confused as to which of the below options would work best for in country shooting.... So my three options for radio mics are: - Sennheiser EW 100 ENG G3-B - Sennheiser EW112-p G3 - Sennheiser EW122-p G3 Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello, I am working on a travel show that has me going all over the country only spending a day or two in one area. I am using four channels of WisyCom (470 - 640) wireless for talent, two Sennheiser G3 as hops (mono to two cameras), and Comtek 216's. With all of this wireless, I am trying to find the best practice to coordinate frequencies in multiple locations quickly and efficiently. For the first week out it was a lot of receiver scanning in local hotels the night before the shoot and adjusting accordingly on location the next day but I'm sure that I am not doing the right thing. Any advice that anyone could give me would be hugely appreciated. This amount of wireless is relatively new to me as I only recently was fortunate enough to get the work that could require, and pay for, a large expansion of my kit. Thanks!!
  7. After running across checked my Zaxcom antennae and found them to be a little off of the correct length for my block. So I want to ask, how important is antenna length? I have two QRX receivers and some TRX transmitters. They have all operated well-enough. During my measurements I found some to be 1/4" too long, which puts them 2 blocks away according to the Zaxcom antenna length chart. The current TRX and QRX manuals show the same chart. I used precise digital calipers for the measurement. I can't say I noticed any difference now compared to before. There are so many variables that affect reception, how do I know if the antenna length was a weak point? I'd like to hear from Glenn and Larry. Mark O.
  8. Hi! My first post here I'm going to Cefalu in Sicily in a couple of weeks doing a reality show. I will be using up to 6 Sennheiser G3(a-band) systems simultaneously. Has anyone been working on Sicily using G3(a-band) systems? Or Lectro block 20-21? about the same frequencies. It would save my day if anyone knew. Thx!
  9. a palm-sized scanner. the spectrum analyzer is a handy and affordable palm-sized box that scans a range of frequencies and tells you what’s nearby. http://livedesignonline.com/sound/closer-look-rf-explorer-scanning-wireless-world?NL=LIVE-03&Issue=LIVE-03_20130523_LIVE-03_716&YM_RID=peterlopata@yahoo.com&sfvc4enews=42
  10. Dear group, before contacting the right authorities at the armybase in Leesville, I thought let's ask on this forum first. For an upcoming documentary I will be doing sound. Filming will take place at Fort Polk in Leesville, Louisiana. I have never filmed at an army-base before let alone a US army-base (don't know if this is any different from other armybases). What kind of wireless-trouble could I get myself into, frequency-wise? Do I have to expect range-drops/losing reception caused by strong interference from army-transmissions? Anyone who filmed on that location before who could chime in? it would be very much appreciated. As I said, I will contact the supervising authorities who permitted us to film to ask about this, but any expert-info from the board would be of great help. My wireless kit is 4 x Audio-ltd 2040 in the 630 - 654 mHz band. Thanks so much, Diego
  11. Allo group, if i go to work in Louisianna, witch frequency block should i bring and whitch one to avoid? i am using Lectro radio. Thank you
  12. Hey all, I was lurking around on r.a.m.p.s. and I found some posts about this http://sanken.ch/english/det2-11.htm Thought it was strange but I don't think this chart was inside my sanken case when I bought them (brand new). Is it the way there are borders/edges are creating a Helmholz resonator? Seems like a neat way to boost HF. Can this be done in some way with other microphones? Or figuring out ways to take advantage of this property of sound even more so in other cases. I actually didn't think Sanken could do this until I found this on r.a.m.p.s. I feel like I could use some HF boost in the collar or up at the neck (or buried in a sweater or something). I usually use hush lavs in tie knots. I assume a hush lav doesn't offer the same HF benefit. I might try a different set-up now with the RM-11 mount, taking advantage of this HF boost. Sawrab
  13. This is my first post on JWS and I was hoping to get some help on a couple of out of town shoots I have coming up. The first stop is Dubai, and I was wondering what kind of luck people have had shooting in Dubai and what Blocks they have had success with. The next place is Bergen, Norway and same question. Thanks in advance for your help!
  14. Hey All, I'm shooting in Scotland at the end of February and I was wondering if anyone knew of any good frequency blocks that are fairly open. Using Lectro 411s and not sure what the best way to coordinate my wireless systems is. Dave
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