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Lectro 210d interference reduced range and performance

Dave Rae

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I recently noticed that one of my two block 21 rx's has lost range compared to the other. I tested them simultaneously - both on the same freq with a single um200c tx then with tx off. One rx is picking up more RF than the other (with tx off) as well as more hits at a closer range with the tx on.

Any ideas? Other tests?

Also the proximity to my Nomad seems to affect the range of my block 21 systems.


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For valid testing, first eliminate all variables: Swap antennas, swap physical positions of the receivers, swap batteries or power leads, etc., anything that might affect your results.

Thanks guys. I'll test some more along these lines but will probably have to bite the bullet and send it to Lectrosonics for the tune-up.

(I'll post on the Nomad RF block 21 effects later on.)

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