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Lectro blocks in japan


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Hey guys

I'm about to do a short shoot in Japan and was wondering if anyone out there has shot there and what lectro blocks are clear? I know Japan has a 10 mW power output limit but was hoping to still use my normal mics as its a short shoot and don't want the hassle of renting locally.

Right now I am planning on using blocks 19 & 21 for my cast. Any thoughts on this? Also, anyone use comteks out there?

Thanks a bunch

-Danny McCullough, CAS

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Hi, Danny...

This exact question has come up here before.  while the site search is lame, Google works well, with jwsoundgroup.net as your first search term.

Lectro can give you information on what is legal, and there is lots of variable interference throughout japan, particularly cities, and especially big cities, where the interference varies greatly from any specific location to another...


" what lectro blocks are clear? "

none, but 24 MHz is a bit of spectrum...

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  • 6 months later...

I have just been dealing with Tech Trust Japan (international@tech-trust.co.jp)  while looking into hiring Lectro gear for a shoot coming up soon. They were extremely helpful and seem to have a good range of gear. Jiro sent me this info regarding the licencing requirements there now. I thought the group would find it useful.


"The RF radio law has changed recently, and we are in transition
now.  The following 3 frequency bands are available in Japan now.
1) New Law *A band*: *470 MHz - 714 MHz. *Need a technical
and a license to use the equipment.
2)**Old Law *A band*: *779.125 MHz - 787.875 MHz* and *797.125 MHz -
805.875*. Need a technical certificate and a license to use the
3) *B band: **806.125 MHz - 809.75 MHz*. Need a technical certificate
but *NO license* to use the equipment."

Transmitter RF o/p limited to 10mW in al cases.


As yet they do not have any "A Band" Lectro gear but I assume its coming soon.

Licencing requirements should be done through your fixer and,


Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications 総務省

Rikujyou-ka 3rd section 陸上3課
tel: 03-6238-1785
Steve Ravich,
Sound Recordist
Sydney AU.


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I've seen a few posts of people asking about wireless in xyz country.  Maybe it would be nice to have a sticky on the forum of countries (and maybe even major cities) and known working blocks via users reporting in / any particular laws or limitations etc. It would come in quite handy...


I would chime in but I've only really shot here stateside...

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