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  1. Hey Scott: I've used all 3 and ended up heavily investing in Zax ERXs. My simple answer is that ERXs have the best sound quality and the worst range Imo. For me the better sound quality along with the dual purpose TC option made it worth the investment. The range is a bummer though. I picked up a Sun Haus 2.4 gig 3 watt amp to boost the signal and the combo definitely extends the range to cover any large set I've worked on. Even out in the rain forest here in Washington. The amp is cheap, and very small but it's still another thing you need to add and power etc.
  2. https://www.asoundeffect.com/dunkirk-sound/?utm_source=A+Sound+Effect+mailing+list&utm_campaign=865a7cca9d-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_08_02&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_27a39a7d90-865a7cca9d-146129609&mc_cid=865a7cca9d&mc_eid=4704df3acf
  3. If you haven't pulled the trigger yet I highly recommend the Cinela Pianissimo over Rycote. I'll admit I haven't a/b'd with some of the newer Rycot blimps (only some of the older ones), but I know others that have and it really crushes them all on everything but price. It is truly transparent sound wise and the wind protection is stellar. I was doing some impromptu car sfx recording the other day and even with the Pianissimo outside going 0-60 there was no trace of wind or vibration noise . This was even without fur. I use it like you are planning to use yours. I just leave one of my DPA 4017s permanently mounted. More expensive, but worth it.
  4. Yep. Reputation is everything in this business. I have quite a few clients that shoot all over the country and always ask me for recommendations on away mixers if they can't fly me out. A few times I've gone to people I've either sold or bought from on JW because the relationship is there. Just not worth giving a bad vibe over a simple repair expense.
  5. How bout we pose a specific situation here. Lets say the buyer purchases a few items from seller. 10 days after it arrives the buyer contacts the seller stating that one item is not working properly. The buyer states this is the first chance they have had to test the unit. Both parties are familiar with the item and they try to trouble shoot to no avail. Manufacturer is contacted and recommends it be sent in for repair. What would you expect if you were either party? There isn't any legal obligation by the seller at this point. Just a moral one. So the question is what is reasonable?
  6. I (coincidently) have just been working through this issue as I'm finally switching the majority of my COS 11s to DPA. Since I had no reference, I asked some heavy DPA users which model they had gone with and it sounded like 4061 was the general consensus, although the 4063 seemed to work just as well. However, when received the 4061s I was pretty surprised at the necessary gain/ tx noise floor with the trx la2. I then tried the 4060s that are labeled as high sensitivity and these seemed more appropriate for the large majority of dialogue recording. I used the 4060s on a shoot were it was requested and necessary to have the mics visible and pretty close to the mouth and even with loud projection (laughs, coughs, etc) they did not peak at the mic/tx stage. So, I'm curious if others are using the 4060s as well, or maybe the difference is too minor for many to care, or notice. Thoughts?
  7. Connections are correct. Maybe one of the cables is bad. I'll keep trying.
  8. I've run into this off and on with my 4017b and 742. It really seems to be a cable/ground issue. When plugged into the base of any of my K-Tek poles its just fine. However, I bought 2 of their right angle plug on holders and both had the rfi issue. I also had the 4017b connected to the 742 via a short Mogami xlr once and instant rfi. Cable was fine otherwise.
  9. Has anyone else had luck using this amp with Zax 2.4 tx? I picked one up after reading some have had success, but I got no love when I connected it to a Nomad and a CL Link (2.4 tx). The amp powers up just fine but does not seem to receive the 2.4 signal.
  10. After doing some more research it sounds like the affect of the laser pointer very's depending on species (not surprising), but research seems to show it will at least have some affect on most. It sounds like crows are some of the least affected unfortunately. They will leave the area temporarily, but usually return within 10 minutes or so. At least enough time to get a shot off. Ordering a green laser today!
  11. In my experience when Unveil is used properly it's superior to RX. Not by a huge amount in most cases, but better. Being able to isolate the reverb frequency is huge. Neither is a silver bullet though. Especially not in the situation you're describing. If there is good mic proximity, but a very live room, you can get some pretty amazing results. But if the source is distant, you won't be able to make it sound close without noticeable phase affects. Might sound better, but not transparent.
  12. All good options. Thanks for the replies. I'm going to research the laser pointer. Curious why that has such an affect and if it is specie specific. Time to contact some bird nerds! I have worked in Austin before and those Grackles are indeed incessant.
  13. Has anyone here had success clearing noisy birds from set? Using nonlethal methods of course:) I have a long film shoot coming up that will be shot primarily in the Hoh rainforest here in Washington state. The main problem is this is a sci fi film, so the forest is suppose to be another planet. So a native crow call will not fly. Fortunately everyone is using practical headworn mics inside the helmets, so I feel like relatively distant birds will be manageable, but again close sounds will be a problem. Also, they don't have that big of a budget, so having a falconer on set is likely a no go. My first idea would be on set playback of native bird of prey calls. Anyone here have success doing this, or have other solutions that worked?
  14. There actually is, but its quite a bit more expensive. But to your point, Izotope is closing the gap by leaps and bounds. Partly by buying the tech from the ones ahead of them. Cedar
  15. Another option to consider for those mobile jobs and tight spaces. Definitely a better wheel base than the orca, but not as much storage. I use this for one man band in a residential house/apartment type shoots. Also small offices where they request a small footprint.
  16. When I first tested the 4098 I had the same reaction to the noise floor. I actually returned mine thinking the noise floor was too high to be usable. The reality is it is not. I actually now frequently rent Kelsey's 4098s for car work. Although the noise floor is unfortunate, the reach and tonal quality is still impressive for the size. You just need to keep that noise floor in mind with how you choose to use them. Since I mainly use them for car work it really isn't an issue. They are always close enough to the source to achieve a good ratio. Also, I would think that A/Bing with a CMC641 could even amplify your impression.
  17. Here's a pic with the only mod I've done so far. Pretty minor and easy. Just added a couple boom holders and modded the water holders as boom cups. The nice thing about the water holders is that they're adjustable, so they pretty much clamp down on whatever size you need. ZucaJPG
  18. Mainly factory add ons at this point but I will be building custom shelves soon. I have a lengthy feature shooting in the rainforest early next year and I plan on using this cart due to mobility. I mounted some boom clamps, but no need for cups since it comes with 2 perfectly sized/placed cups on the back. It's uncanny.
  19. I've been using the All Terrain Zuca for a year now. It kicks ass. Zuca also makes some great, inexpensive add ons that allow for a pretty impressive amount of storage. The saddlebag add is definitely worth the money. For the interior you really need to build some sort of shelf system to access everything quickly and easily. The wheels do come off quickly and the overall stability is really good for the size/weight.
  20. I just did a car shot out in a field with windows down. Tried the 4098, but it was useless with the wind. I did try the Bubblebee Cos 11 furry that is made to go over the Sanken hard windscreen. It fit just fine, but actually was worse than the DPA factory foam. Would love to see a low profile solution since many car shots require the windows down.
  21. This plug in gives quite a bit more flexibility than altiverb and actually sounds better for accurate, post real world recreation.
  22. It looks like it would be tough with the current workflow due to the custom mic array etc. But hopefully down the road.
  23. Yeah, this thing sounds remarkably good and the flexibility is impressive. It is expensive, but making a plug in like this isn't cheap. It would be nice if there was some sort of break for existing Altiverb owners. Even though it is a totally new plug in, it's basically replacing/improving on a large portion of the Altiverb features. $500 for existing owners would get me to pull the trigger right away.
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