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timecode for for 5D Mark 3


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hey all,



Im kinda in a pinch, on a small budget. I will be running sound for a single person interview w/ multiple takes this sunday.  I have a 788t. Limo out to bnc is the only cable i have to use. Obviously the 5d does not have a bnc in.  I dont have it in the budget for a Denecke time slate or timecode buddy. Does anyone have any suggestions on a way to sync my 788t (master) to the 5d without potential for alot of drift.. the good ol hand clap? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks





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I have done quite a few DSLR (5D mkIII) shoots lately. They have internal timecode but you can't jam them. Just set your recorder close enough to the 5D timecode or vice versa. Give it a good old hand clap at the top of the take. Plural Eyes will sync them just fine. The last few shoots I did didn't even involve any wireless feed to camera, nor timecode slate. They just used the built in mic of the camera for reference audio. I checked with post and they all said audio sync'd with no issues. Plural Eyes have become the go to method for syncing audio on DSLR shoots.

Sammy Huen

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