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  1. Battery life on the 688 is closer to 788T consumption than 664. Still does not pull as much power as the 788T. The brighter screen makes the 688 well worth it. No more issues reading the meters in bright sunlight. Mix assist works pretty good, very similar to the 788T. Overall, I feel the 688 is what the 664 should have been in the first place. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I've been enjoying my Dynaudio BM15A for the L,C,R and BM6A for the Ls, Rs, BM14S for the LFE. These are the classic versions that are built in Denmark. Some of the newer MKII versions are mass manufactured in China. There are huge build quality differences. Sammy Huen
  3. My experience with Blu Rays in theaters is that they are hit or miss. I have seen some Blu Rays outputting via RCA into a Mackie mixer then into the Dolby processor. I've also seen Blu Ray players set up as 480P. The majority of the time, even if the Blu Ray has a 5.1 mix, it is somehow downmixed to stereo in an unpredictable manner. In most cases, the Blu Ray should output into the projector via HDMI. In some cases, I have seen it goes into the DVI input via HDMI to DVI adapter. With near minimum wage "projectionists" these days, you never know what you will get. I have been to many film festivals that screens Blu Rays and it usually looks and sound pretty crappy. The only way to get consistent picture and sound playback in a theater is with a DCP. It's for that very reason I have started creating DCPs and help numerous indie filmmakers in my area to screen on DCP.
  4. Thanks Gentlemen!! We booked a session with Advanced Recording Studios. I did contact Doug but by the time he responded we booked the other studio already. I will update on how everything went.
  5. My client need some ADR work done in Detroit. Any recommendation will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Sammy Huen
  6. As long as everyone is on the same page, there's not much advantage nor disadvantage. Conversion between 23.976 to 24.00 and vice versa is very easily done. In the NTSC world, it's best to be at 23.976 all the way for delivery purposes. Only when it goes to DCP will it needs to be converted to true 24.00 and that is accomplished in a single pass along with the conversion to JPEG2000. Sammy Huen
  7. Post fader ISO has it's place. Although definitely not common practice there are exceptions to where it can be useful. I worked on a show where talent is involved in lots of confidential information. They absolutely do not want these conversations recorded when they're OFF camera. Post fader ISO achieve this. Also, many newer editors I have came across over these last few years have no damn clue what a mix track is. When they edit, the drop all the tracks in so what you hearing is all the damn iso tracks mixed together. Until it gets to a post house, all the rough edits/stringouts etc, sounds like absolute crap. Post fader ISO recreates a "Mix" when their faders on their editing system is set to unity. Again, this is not common practice, but there is a place for it.
  8. Jumped on the 688 bandwagon. I really like this new setup. I finally found a 664/688 bag I actually like. Sammy Huen
  9. Normalize??? Probably one of the most useless function in today's workflow. Sammy Huen
  10. Beware of fake Sandisk cards. There are plenty of those floating around. I have came across those a while back and they never worked properly on the 664. Luckily I was able to get a refund from the seller. Sammy Huen
  11. We do have to keep in mind that a lot of newer generation editors don't know what the mix track is for. And truth of the matter these days is that on the rough edit, stringouts, or anything before audio post gets a hold of it, you get all your tracks mixed in together all the time. Yes it usually sounds like crap. Sammy Huen
  12. I finally had the chance to see Interstellar. Yes it was LOUD. Maybe not quite as loud as Dark Knight Rises but close. There were quite a few lines that got drowned out by sound effects and music. There were a few lines that were just mumblings even without sound effects and music. There was EXTENSIVE use of the LFE channel. At some point the rumblings started to get annoying. There were not much obvious use of the surround channels, unlike Gravity. IMO, overall the mix was not that great. However, it was not as bad as some described. Maybe I went in expecting the worse. Despite these sound "issues" I still enjoyed the movie. I would have enjoyed it a lot more if those dialogue lines were not buried though.
  13. Pascal pretty much nailed it! I currently own both a 664/CL6 and 788T/CL8. 9 ot of 10 times I would take out the 664 first. Really, the only thing missing from the 664 that the 788T can do is the Mix Assist. Other than that, the 664 is a more versatile machine. Just the fact it uses less than half the power consumtion of a 788T and emits virtually no RF spray is good reason enough to go the 664 route.
  14. While we're at it, I'm also interested in seeing an Orca-32 Stingray for 664 side by side comparison as well. If anyone can post some side by side pics, it will be greatly appreciated.
  15. Dunno about the monitors but I love that cart! Wow. Well done. Sammy Huen
  16. Snapped this pic about 4 years ago. Still give you an idea. TRX900, SMV, MM400B, UM200C Sammy Huen
  17. http://www.phonak-communications.com/en/products/in-ear-receivers/invisity/ Sammy Huen
  18. I have also used SRBs on Alexas with great results. The Alexa's recording actually sounds good. On Blk 26, my SRBs didn't have any interference issues at all. I have a right angle TA5F to right angle XLR5pin male cable that works nicely for the setup. Sammy Huen
  19. I do own the CL6 and use it on very few occasions. When I do, a Petrol Pegz-2 actually works and I can fit everything in it. What I would love from K-tek is a 664 only bag and keep it compact. I need it to fit the 664, 3 SRBs, NP-1 and BDS, 3 Lectro UM400a TX.
  20. Blackmagic lowered the price of the smartview duo. I think for the money, they're great. They are lacking HDMI and composite inputs, power switch, and are difficult to see in broad daylight though. I have a blackmagic HDMI to SDI converter handy. Sammy Huen
  21. Stuart, I currently secure the SKB cases with a ratchet strap. Yes that filmtools cart is relatively heavy and much weight is over the front wheels. It is not the most maneuverable cart. However, I do like the smaller footprint compared to the magliner type carts. By having the Pelican case battery over the rear wheels, it also distribute the weight better. Sammy Huen
  22. It may be of interest to check and verify you are using GENUINE CF and SD cards. There are plenty fake cards floating around out there. Sammy Huen
  23. Funny they call it invisilav while you see a huge mic and cable bump on the spokesperson. Sammy Huen
  24. You're correct. 10 space SKB on top and 6 space at the bottom. Sammy Huen
  25. My cart is about 47 inches tall. (Top of upright magliner frame) Sammy Huen
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