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Shipping from Canada to California


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Looking for recent and actual experience in terms of buying stuff from Canada and having it shipped to California.

I am curious about duty and/or California use tax.

It's a private sale of a $900 item. The item is only worth it to me if I am not assessed import duty. I know I am supposed to pay the "use tax", but I don't want that decision made for me.



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I don't know about duties ( all tought I have sold many things to my fellow Americans and never heard back that they had to pay extra ), but one thing for sure shipping cost more that way vs the opposite. Canada to USA is usually around 30-50% more in shipping than the same but reverse.

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I sold an item worth very close to that to a guy in California in May. Since I've had bad experiences shipping stuff from the US to Montreal with Fedex and especially UPS (very expensive brokerage fees to pay at the door), and much better luck with the mail, that's what I recommended. ExpressPost/USPS with signature required was about $45 IIRC, and buyer didn't have extras to pay at the door. About 4 days.

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