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My Review Of the K-Tek Nautilus


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How the heck did I miss this? 


My email is dave@ktekbooms.com. Shoot me an email, Engin, and let me know your shipping address and I'll get a replacement out for you. 


In terms of "a solution looking for a problem", this isn't really the case, since we made this mount based on all the problems we've been hearing about from end users about the problems they currently deal with using other mounts. You might want to try it and see if you like it. We understand that you can't make everyone happy. I hear people say "Oh I hate 'x' mount" when talking about another mount, but then I'll hear "I absolutely love 'x' mount" when different people talk about that same mount. It all depends on how people use their gear. Everyone is different, and the hard part for manufacturers is to find the right point in product development that solves the issues we need to solve without breaking the bank, and at the same time being able to offer the same level of customer service we are known for. 

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