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1st Annual Lone Star Mixer Mixer

Tyler Faison

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We are pleased to announce our 1st Annual Lone Star Mixer Mixer for our fellow soundies in Texas (and whomever else wants to come). The event will be held on January 5th from 4-8pm(ish) at The Gingerman Pub in Dallas, TX. Our focus is to provide a friendly and social meeting environment for mixers to talk shop and meet all the faces to the names we often hear. With that in mind, we also have a ton of giveaways and sweet door prizes from our favorite dealers and manufacturers, including the elusive Lectrosonics SM Flask, gift cards, t-shirts, an IDX NP-L7S battery, Denecke products, jackets and lots more! We are also very excited to have representatives and equipment from Professional Sound Services, Gotham Sound, Lectrosonics and K-Tek. 


If you are interested in going, please visit the Facebook Event page found here and "Join!" the event so we have a good head count for food. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the hosts, Tyler Faison at tyler@texassoundguy.com or Jack Cline at jack_cline@hotmail.com. We invite all professional sound mixers and those interested in becoming professional sound mixers! Come one, come all...just remember there is free food and booze!




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Hey Tyler,

I think it's great that your are getting this mixer together next week. I start back up on my show Tuesday so I think it will be too much driving to make it up to Dallas. Will have to talk to you about doing one in Austin sometime.

Have fun everybody and happy 2014.

Ben Lazard

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I wanted to take a moment and let everyone on here know that we had a very successful 1st Annual Lone Star Mixer Mixer. The various vendors, manufacturers and dealers really stepped up to make it a wonderful event. Professional Sound Services and Gotham Sound both came down and sponsored all of our food and drinks, and there was a lot of both! Since we don't have a dedicated sound shop here, it was crucial that we got support from our various vendors to get a hands-on look at all the toys that we may not normally get to see. There were some outstanding door prizes; everything from Denecke t-shirts and PS1A to IDX NPL7S battery and Lectrosonics shark fin kits. EVERYONE walked away with some swag bags full of duffle bags, t-shirts, jump drives shaped like a Lectro HH mic and lots more.
Sponsors included Gotham Sound, Professional Sound Services, Lectrosonics, K-Tek, IDX, Denecke, LMC Sound, Redding Audio, Zaxcom, Location Sound Corp, Bongo Ties, NOLA Slates and yours truly, Vandelay Sound Exports. Thank you again to all of our sponsors and the Texas sound community for making a good start to what we hope to be an annual event. And thanks to Whit Norris for a few pointers he gave us from his experience on organizing other Mixer Mixers. I encourage you to get a mixer mixer started in your area if you've never had one. It's important to keep a good relationship with other mixers in town. No one else will have your back except your colleagues.


View full Photobucket album here or Facebook album here.













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