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Washing Wardrobe to Reduce Clothing Noise - any specifics?


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Since Chris already answered I won't repeat it...

The actual resolution, which I should've insisted upon, is forget hiding a mic... If they could hide a mic on Brian Williams as well as every other national news personality... they would. The moral of the story is there are circumstances and wardrobes which discourage hiding a lav if you expect quality audio.

I've successfully hidden mics on talent many times in the past... this thread is about wardrobe and the challenges that may arise.

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Firstly it depends what lav you are using, and what alternative lavs you have.

Then it is up to your skill and past experience of rigging to get a good result.


Love the other posts on this!


But yeah have a friendly chat with your wardrobe folk to reach a solution.

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Depending on your industry and it's nefarious customs (and costumes) often starched clothing, including flame retardation on work clothes, much of which is synthetic to boot, will end up being returned by a wardrobe stylist. So the fabric softener back home won't be an option. To treat and mount these materials is part of the craft, and I will respect the tone of the thread thus far; there's plenty of research material here on the boards.

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