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  1. Hey I appreciate you looking out Rado... you're a very good person. I hope Senator is okay. I also had the pleasure of meeting him at NAB, and it sort of reminded me of Red Green (maybe it was the hat)... "we're all in this together"... Senator is a good dude, sometimes misunderstood, but another guy who loves sound, just like the rest of us.
  2. Thanks for this... and I'll bet Betso and Tai thank you too. (at least from me)
  3. A control surface dongle with beta-connection. So that the XLRs and wireless can be on your back, with the faders/trims with display, plus antenna on a relatively small plate in front of you. A "break-out box" for 633/688. Oh... and if you want to get ignorant... Cedar DNS built into SD 6XX... (this idea actually scares me a bit, but I'm sure I'm not the first to think about it)
  4. Man... this thing is so beautiful. I absolutely love the sense of minimalist purpose you have going here... and it appears to be as light as can be (yet incredibly sturdy). I want this :-) Who would have thought... "cart porn". By the way... is that an optical illusion of the furry closer to the lens... or is that a SUPER-long-haired furry? If so... where did you get it? It looks like one of the Rycote "animal" jammers... but the fur is SO long (apparently)?
  5. MattinSTL

    sanken csr-2

    Holy Thread Revival Batman! Has anyone else bought one of these? I JUST bought a 2nd CS3e... and realized I totally spaced-out on my intention to try a csr2 before committing to a 2nd CS3e. I just watched the "first look" video interview from NAB 2014... and I gotta' say... manufacturers should hire enthusiasts to be spokesman at these things. For anyone that knows about specs and real-world use... a "rep" can sometimes make you roll your eyes. The guy interviewing (fortunately) caught some of the obvious points. To me this mic seems kind of pointless. When do you NOT want rear rejection (in a shotgun)... Here's my imaginary conversation about this mic: Rep: "See... it's got a switch from good to bad sound... hear the difference?" Me: "Um... why have a switch that enables bad sound? Just make the mic reject as much as possible and forget about it" Rep: "Well... then you'd have a CS3e" Me: "So... what's the point of this mic again?" A CS3e has 3 capsules in it... 2 of them are to enhance rear and side rejection. Why put that function on a switch? If anyone here has bought one, and you're really enjoying the sound and rejection performance... please comment. As best I can tell... it's an inferior mic to the CS3e, at the same price. It seems like they replaced one of the capsules with a switch to turn off one of the 2 remaining capsules.
  6. Anyone got a 633 w/ dashboard in one of these? If so... would you mind posting a picture of your bag? Top and open sides please! :-)
  7. Still anxious to see a picture of this with a dashboard holding 2-3 SRb's Bueller... Bueller...
  8. I'm with you. I have a lot more high-end gear then I do low-end gear, but I can say, within the physical and mechanical limitations... I'm gaining more respect for Sennheiser. So far, no performance surprises or weird technical problems. Don't expect it to do something it wasn't built for and it won't let you down. I like the idea of a Sennheiser product to compete in this category.
  9. I would like the CL6 to have soft control where it currently has hardware control... low-cut for example. I frequently use 80hz cut... The button does 150... and even if you change it in the 688... hit the button and it's back to 150.
  10. I can usually hide the wire within the knot as it circles around... go to the left (facing guy) because the shirt opens to that side. Sometimes tape tack on back. Love ties, except stubble and 2-shot... guy looks 90 degrees to the other person every 10 seconds.
  11. Am I the only one who wonders where the hell Betso came from? When I bought my first TC box I thought, "Czech Republic?!"... but ordered anyway... well... whatever... because whoever is behind this company... they are doing everything right. I wouldn't say I've been disappointed with every significant sound purchase... but I am surprised how much stuff I buy that's not ready for prime-time... meanwhile Betso is a brand-spanking new company hitting 500' home-runs out of the park.
  12. I love my Betso's... easily one of my favorite gear buys of the last two years. S-O-L-I-D... kit. Their antenna are now on my list... hell everything they MAKE is on my list. These TC boxes are so good I have no idea why anyone buys anything else (unless you need tri-level, but aside from that). I jokingly said to a friend of mine... if Betso made a mixer I'd probably buy one. It takes roughly the first ONE minute of use to realize how great these are... then at the end of the day when you see how it held... um... sold. (I have 3 of 'em). Oh yeah... almost forgot... the Tig comes in a cardboard box. The Betso comes in a nice protective case... so even before the first minute of use you get warm fuzzies.
  13. Derick... what I mean by "highest articulation" is the rising treble is like the 416 on steroids. S's, T's, F's... etc... all the sounds which make speech intelligible seem almost exaggerated... and I haven't decided if that's a bad thing. It does give the mic a close sound from a further booming distance (which is definitely a good thing). To my ears the DPA sounds much warmer. I call it "mojo"... there's a lower-mid presence that's almost tangible, which I find very appealing. Choosing is tough... they definitely sound different, but I'm trying to figure out which is the best TOOL. I love the CS3e as a tool... and I'm looking for another tool for the job. I'm anxious to hear what you think RP... I'm in the market for a 50 now also... and I could probably use that over another gun. Your experience with both the 50 and the DPA makes your opinion on the 8060 more valuable to me. :-)
  14. I actually have both the 8060 and the 4017c... and it's time to sh*t or get off the pot, and return one of them. I'm having a hard time deciding. I agree with Axel... the 8060 has an unusual characteristic to sound much closer than it is, and the articulation is the highest of any mic I've played with. In a direct A/B comparison, I think most soundies would choose the DPA, because it sounds much smoother through the high-end, but the "close" sound of the 8060 is appealing... and I think finished videos might sound great with the added presence already recorded on the spot. I also like how the 8060 is built like a tank... definitely in the same category as the 416 build-wise. (I'm kind of over the CMIT for it's pops and sizzle on startup... and I don't trust it's durability for the kind of work I do... even though I think it's the absolute purist mic... by debatable margins.) So... which one? I feel like you guys have already covered it... and my gut is leaning towards the DPA... but there's no denying the 8060's superior reach.
  15. Yes... THIS... I was told the dashboard fits, but I'd like to see how well.
  16. Very intrigued by this thread. I'm loving Neopax for talent comfort (insulates from high-heat LT and SMQv)... plus ease of use. I've been eyeing the "wireless mic belt" pouches available at B&H or direct... because I get better range and more reliable RF if antenna can stay off skin... I'm convinced that direct contact with sweaty skin is grounding out the RF... so I'm imagining some sort of insulation to prevent that. Interesting reading here. Thank you.
  17. When buying multiple SRB this spring I was told (by Lectro) that wideband SR are about two years out.
  18. 2nd the above from Mungo... also, range and hits. I'd like to know how far it goes, line of sight, and what it sounds like when range runs out. I'm also curious about range with obstacles? I don't know how you're going to force hits but do they pop, hiss, or does the audio simply drop?
  19. Can you post a picture of an Audioroot in the new dashboard? My implementation of it discards the existing RM bracket, but the horizontal bit of that whole is as perfect as it can be right now... it's the vertical which has excess space.
  20. I bought a dashboard for the 633 and the 688... and these are among my favorite buys of 2015. Extremely impressive attention to detail and built like a tank. I'm currently contemplating cutting down the "ears" on my 688 dashboard... and drilling it out so that the first row of screws on the SL-6 would allow mounting the dashboard "piggy-back"... sort of creating an SL-12. This would be a bitch with my skills (or lack thereof)... and of course getting the SL-6 "replacement screws" all correct... however... I'm probably going to do it. As for the AudioRoot MKII... the whole trick is to take the back panel loose (you don't need to remove it, only loosen the 4 screws)... then you can feed it through the front of the dashboard... and it will fit PRECISELY... i.e. stops right when it's dead-flush... then just tighten the 4 screws again. I'll make a lexan mount for it... just so it's solid, but you could probably make it solid enough with double-stick foam tape... and of course Simon, you could make something that looked perfect... starting with the hole (excess height and rounded ends currently). The AudioRoot MKII has a belt-clip on it that attaches with 2 self-tapping machine screws... so... ?
  21. I agree on the points r.e. planning. My house came with a thermostat that gets direct sun through a high window every morning... the AC would compensate for the baking thermostat for about an hour and a half. I replaced it with an Ecobee and MOVED it to an adjacent wall (unfinished basement made this possible)... problem solved. I've always wondered why houses with basements don't take advantage of the natural temperature states of the house. Your cold air return is in each room... often times high on a wall. So the AC circulates WARM air that's risen to the top floor... MEANWHILE... in the basement there's unlimited free cool air... So an intelligent AC system could pull from the basement floor... using only the fan (AC units already run the fan for the AC cycle... and continue to run it for a while after each cycle)... so... seems stupid. "Free AC"... goes unused. If you have a 2 story home you already know that the top floor is about 15 degrees difference in temp from the basement. (unless you have multi-zone, multi-unit central air) I was an early adopter of CFL... and then LED. Now my whole house is LED and I've noticed a significant drop in AC bills as I don't have bulbs heating up the house. (Most people see the watts savings, but forget that those watts translate to HEAT also). I'm all for home automation. As for "green homes"... I worked on a video for a local builder who does super-efficient homes... and the only downside is the cost per square foot. By my math these people will have to live in that house for about 10 years before they start to realize any actual savings over a comparable traditional home.
  22. I agree with this. It should be EASY to find an elegant solution for this. Any ordinary drawer pull comes in almost any size, and can be held in place with screws from the inside of the slate chassis (so it's not like you have to worry about something sticking in towards electronics. They also make pulls which bend to a 90 degree angle... which opens up options. Because of this thread... I'm going to look into some options. I think a side handle is a good idea... I wrote "FRAGILE:DO NOT DROP" across the back of my slate out of fear of a careless AC. A side handle seems like good peace of mind.
  23. The higher the concept the fewer words necessary to explain it. I'd like to think that was a really contrived goof... but I've met people like this. I'm not a fan of self-proclaimed geniuses... "this is the level my brain operates on" :-)
  24. I love reading that you guys still have some nerves before a new job... I'm glad I'm not the only one :-) That is one of the coolest things about this career... "what's going to happen today?"... I guess we'll find out when it happens. I used to push to use my own kit on gigs... but I'm over it. When a client says they're not paying for my kit because they have one I can use instead... "but you can use your kit if you're more comfortable"... guess what? I'm 100% comfortable with YOUR kit... and if there's a problem because of YOUR kit I'll sleep like a baby! I did a gig recently where I had to hold the snake cable just right to keep it from crackling... (not MY kit, of course)... and we were also using G3... and I'd consider this a pretty high-end gig. Interviewer flew in only to do these interviews... then fly back immediately after. Guess what? It was all fine... all good... everybody happy... even me, as I laughed about the snake thing. (I told the guy to please fix that if he wanted me to do this again w/o my gear). So... you? You'll be fine... you've got good enough gear that you KNOW works... and you know how to use it... and you don't have a crackly snake to trouble-shoot :-) Oh and yes... not too chatty is good advice. Be pleasant... quick (not hurrying, but quick)... confident. "Good afternoon Mr. Scorcese, My name is Matt. I'm a soundguy... may I put a mic on you?" "Of course" (something like this, guaranteed) *10 seconds or so* "Thank you Sir"
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