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  1. Your client hates women that are ovulating.
  2. Possibly. I'm just not a guy that is inclined to worry about a problem that doesn't exist at the moment. I usually have a plan 'B' in my head but I don't see this imagined paranoia as a thing when we come out of this pandemic. Eventually we have to return to operating as humans again.
  3. A lot to do about nothing if you ask me. The problem doesn't exist so why worry about it? You're still working?
  4. WTF?? Are you guys shoving your lavs up your ass and then trying to put them on actors? Just put them on normally or give them to the wardrobe person to help. Are you thinking in the future that no one can be near anyone when you make films? Love scenes are going to be weird to shoot.
  5. Mine has a reservoir tip and is ribbed for pleasure.
  6. Yes that mic will work in a bedroom. It will also work in a kitchen, a living room, a hallway, a bathroom, outside, inside and in a car, even in the dark or sunlight. The only place it may not work is underwater.
  7. The Lectro IFB do sound much better than Comteks, however, another downside is that the battery will only last until lunch. Re-batterying them at lunch is a huge PITA. Hunting them down is the worst part. Comteks last all day on the same 9v.
  8. Let me answer your question with a question. In a shoot, how many scene 32 take 3's are there?
  9. What's the big hub-bub? If camera wants to call it something different, that's on them. Just call it what the script sup. calls it. Step away from the drama. On a side note: I never slate or note that it's a pick up. There is only one scene4 take6. The editors have the note from script and camera. The timecode will marry the sound to pic and my voice slate is in the garbage at that point. There won't be less sound than picture for them to wonder about. It's pointless for sound to make the effort to note pick ups. Old days of mag stripe, yes, note it. Nowadays, useless.
  10. Mirror

    HHB Dat

    Wait, you didn't have to fast forward them and then rewind to put a fresh wrap on the spools? Holy crap, I could have saved myself a lot of time knowing that wasn't a necessary step. Now I feel like an idiot!
  11. Talked to the SD guys at Trewapalooza this weekend and asked them about the discontinuation of the CL-12. They said that they had to drop something to concentrate on the new scorpio control surface. They said they will still service the CL-12 just not make them anymore. I asked if the new control panel would be backwards compatable with the 6 series. The said likely not. I think its a bad idea for them to drop this product. Makes me wish I had never bought a SD 688 last year. Maybe I'll look into Cantar.
  12. I'm not licensed and have never had anyone remotely care about licensing check me out. It's a non-issue in this business. As far as protecting air space because you have a license? Phhst, bitch please, never going to happen.
  13. The real question is, "Did it die because of water damage in the past". Water damage is not normal wear and tear. I've even had production buy me a new transmitter because the sets were so hot causing the actress to sweat so profusely that her sweat permeated the control touch pads and corroded the circuit board of the SMA. Lectrosonics confirmed that was the cause of death and that those blister button control pads are susceptible to sweat. She wore it on her bra strap antenna down which put the SMA control pad next to her skin.
  14. Anytime a tx or rx of mine gets wet, ie; dropped in toilet or pool, production is buying me a new one. I don't want it repaired, I want a new one. If it still works now, it will fail on another show. There is no negotiation on this. That equipment is compromised and will fail.
  15. I grew up playing pinball and owned one until a year ago. One from the '70's called Flash (no, not from the movie Flash Gordon). It was the first pinball machine to have electronic sounds instead of bells, or so I'm told. Bought it for $600. The first weekend we got it we must have put 200 games on it in 2 days. Sold it because I needed the room. Wish I had a basement. Oh, I was always amazed that they never hired better artist for the art work. As to Richard's remark about sex in the art work, Check out the nut covering the nip on the bumper near the flipper. Didn't take much to entice a young teenage boys mind.
  16. Where were you looking? Walmart??
  17. I believe that you are right. From my interactions of M-R perambulators, they look like chariots in the front.
  18. Mirror


    Careful, Zaxcom criticism is not tolerated here in the slightest.
  19. Not true. Look up how dew point works. Ever work into the night and moisture starts collecting on your cases and gear - that's moisture in the air coming out. It can affect mics that are prone to moisture, like Schoeps.
  20. Schoeps are great mics and it's hard to beat the sound. With that said, if you are one man banding it you should choose something along the lines of a Sennheiser mkh50. The Schoeps can have quite a bit of handling noise if not in the hands of a really skilled operator. Sure, you can lessen it with a cut 1 filter but by then you're going to have around $3000 into it. Buy a new 50 for $1300. Handling noise is less and it sounds great. A lot of pros use 50's.
  21. This is a scam. Check their other post where I explain how I know.
  22. This is a total scam. I referred a guy to this and they asked him what gear he had. My guy then asked what are your needs for the job. They said to list all of his gear and they would pick what they needed. A few more weird back and forths and this is their last text to him. Sounds like a variation of the Nigerian scam.
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