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  1. Why a new recorder with less function than the older unit?
  2. I am of the school of thought that what ever the Script Supervisor wants to call it is what we will all call it. It starts and ends there, easy.
  3. Also just a note for the US users with this camera, 23.98 TC setting on the camera will be labled "24 Fixed" when you see it on the overlay on a monitor in the upper right hand corner. It is just an other Sony labeling oddity, you can have the DIT show anyone who is worried that the Meta data from the camera shows the correct code.
  4. In what senecio would this be needed? I have yet to run across anyone ever asking for dual bit rate recordings of the same thing.
  5. 100% correct Constantin. I would suggest the OP maybe make his way through just some of Matthew’s work some day, he would learn a ton, it is certainly a masterclass in mixing.
  6. I guess with enough time and money anything would be possible athought that being said I just can't imagine anyone trying to get the Aaton camera brain to operate or work side by side with an other manufactures camera ( Arri or Pannivision ) and then modify the gates to allow the exposure of the TC infomation to the film edge. The work invovled would be huge for little to no return if there are no post houses even using the Aaton reader software anymore. Does Aaton even support that anymore? Seems crazy that they would when syncing software has come so far in the past 20 year since they released it. What does your post house say they want to sync it?
  7. Agree on your TC rate with post / camera department, set your gear to it, use a TC slate. The stuff will be synced only after it is transfered to digital anyway so not any different than a normal double system workflow for normal HD projects. Aaton code is a product specific process and will not work on Arri. ArriCode was not really used very often here locally back when film cameras ruled the earth, very few labs ever made it work.
  8. Yep, and systems like QTake already broadcast audio to these units along with the video assit image directly to the Ipads / Iphones. For what ever reason, ( thankfully ) listening to the feed has not caught on over the past few years of these systems running on set. I imaging once folks understand that they can use thier personal BT headsets to listen from these items it might take hold a bit more. That said, most client villages, they are too busy "working" on their phones that the idea of using them for actually watch what is going on might be a stretch, easier to just ignore what is happing on the big monitor. I have started to use small BT TX's on a few of my IFB outputs for directors that request the ablity to use their own headsets.
  9. Not sure I would say " better represented" considering the percentage of the females walking around this earth verses what I see daily on sets in NYC. I think we have a long way to go before we can take any sort of moral equality victory lap on this one in the sound department.
  10. Nope, not common at all here. In fact, other than the " helping out a friend on a no budget short thing" I have never seen it done. My guess is that there are other real reasons that they are bringing this person as the idea of traveling, putting up, posting a carne, working papers if needed, per diem, local transportation..... is never cheaper than hiring locals. Having been on both sides of this equation, often production will use the excuse of " can't find someone local who..... ( fill in the blank here with a ready made excuse ) in order to side step the local production norm and bring in the person that they wanted all along.
  11. 100% in the same boat on this as the other gentlemen, this would be a very popular function addition to an already stellar recorder series.
  12. Seems to still be branded as Audio Limited in the photos at least.
  13. Not really, It is often used as a reorganization tool in order to either raise a companies sell price or as a term of purchase by buyer. Heavy debt is not always an indication of a company “struggling”. Generally, the losses are absorbed by the creditors which is the crappy part of the equation.
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