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Would you save a drowning woman if it meant ruining your shotgun mic?


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I direct you all to view this hilarious video of a reporter falling off a boat.  



Classic.  Hilarious.  Possibly all fake.  Point is is the second this accident happens this sound guy comes in, wearing no headphones, and INSTANTLY throws his boom towards the woman as if for her to grab on for dear life.  Though sorta seemed to try to be nottttttt quiettttttt clossssse enough as if he was second guessing his decision.  What do you think?  Is this a real sound guy?  Is this a real video?  What would you do?  What type of mic would you save a drowning woman for and which mic would you pretend you're jusssssst notttttt quietttttt close enough?



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Seems a bit faked. Safety is more important than any gear, of course, but handing someone in water something that is NOT a rescue device is also not the best idea. Lifeguard training says that a drowning person will grab and yank ANYTHING that gets within their reach. In the case of a boom pole, they could easily pull the end tube out (and now it is useless to rescue them with) or crack the carbon fiber in half leading to the same result.


But this did seem like the boom op was getting the sound rather than rescuing the woman there.

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Like some people pointed out, with that current a boom wouldn't help.... And probably would result in the sound mixer going in (with 20+ lbs of anchor clipped on them). Even if the boom broke, the cable might hold long enough to throw off your balance.


I don't think anyone is advocating the use of a boompole as a lifesaving device.  You guys seriously need to get laid.

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