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Hello All!


Is it only us who use the "Scene + Shot + Take" sequence on our slates for scripted material (in french: scene + plan + prise) ?


Just wondering how other Quebec soundies keep up with the "shot" (plan) info on their recorders.

I have the Maxx and usually put the shot in the "notes" field... but i find its not ideal because I have to write all of it each time... any suggestions?


Thanks in advance...




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Hello Franky


The way I usually work, using a SD 664, is by naming the files, for example, SC01-01. The takes are named automatically T01, T02 and so on. That way, when we move on to the next shot, I only have to change one number, which takes about 5 seconds to do.


Hope this helps.



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@ Guils: Take numbers do increase automatically on Zaxcom too, I'll check the naming option asap, but from memory i have to dig in the menus a bit too much to my taste...


@ Max: I dont really understand your suggestion. The script on set establishes which numbers we put on slate (ex: scene 7, shot 3, take 1), I dont get to choose! Please elaborate...




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On Nomad in the Scene field I enter the "scène" and "plan" and separate with a dash "-" and the take field is the take.

So if I do Scène 21 plan 1, my scene field would be 21-1

very simple, never had any confusion.

Same here. There is an option on nomad to name delivery mirror file after scene name. There probably is that same option on maxx.

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