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  1. dominiquegreffard

    Mixer Mods for Zaxcom?

    On a side note you can achieve almost any control wirelessly of the nomad (except fader control and heaphone volume control ) with a 40$ Tiny bluetooth keyboard.
  2. dominiquegreffard

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    can it record on a card AND a usb stick (or a second card)? I like to have a backup when i hand over my files.
  3. dominiquegreffard

    Juicedlink bodypack recorder

    Not if that's been discussed here but have you seen this? It s like a tascam dr-10 that works on a AA. Wireless remote roll is cool but how can u be 100% sure that it rolls when u press that button? Interesting and cheap anyway. Will this be sold in the USA? Now that s the big question. http://www.juicedlink.com/blogs/news/82882948-release-of-little-darling-distributed-audio-recorder
  4. dominiquegreffard

    Equipment wishes for 2016

    -a zaxnet slate that can automatically display scene/take # - a new nomad with a real battery slot, zaxnet antenna on top and power distribution similar to what rado did. - a two channel lectro transmitter. - a six channel wideband reciever from lectro that could fit in a bag and output aes.
  5. dominiquegreffard

    How well will this kit function? What's missing?

    If i may ad an advice: A coiled boom cable with a smalljumper in the bag side + Internally cabled boompole + straight headphone cable (like on the hd25's) will make things nice, fast and out of the way. oh and if you get a snake, get a quick release connector on each side and right angled xlr connectors. last thing you want to do is to get in your own way by getting tangled. good point by tom about becomming OCD. Equipment just always have to be at the right place. good luck!
  6. dominiquegreffard

    TA5F to 1/8″ (3.5mm) mini-jack adapter (COS-11D to Sennheiser G2/G3)

    Good question, a quality two part cable adaptor would be better. I still haven't found anything other than to have them custom made. i searched online for a thing like this but nothing else came up than these. Lectro make these for 100$ http://www.lectrosonics.com/US/Cables-Audio/product/225-mcabrlta5muwp.html
  7. dominiquegreffard

    Bag cart build ideas

    What pelican model is it?
  8. dominiquegreffard

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    and same question but asked differently: can you send different mix/channel to the standard ta-3 line output AND the optionnal xlr5 balanced output?
  9. dominiquegreffard

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    so if understand correctly, the options for the xlr sized output could be: - 2 balanced analog outputs OR - 4 unbalanced analog outputs OR - 2 AES pairs (4 channels) then there is also the 2 channel ta-3 output that will send unbalanced. Let's say i want to send 4 independent channels to camera will i be able to route differently the two channel balanced line output AND the two channel unbalanced outputs on ta-3? And last question: how would you tipically monitor a return feed from a camera in this recorder?
  10. Very nice! Is a junior version for nomad to be expected?
  11. dominiquegreffard

    New products from Sound Guys Solutions

    Good idea for the tablet holder thing. I look forward to see some pics of nomad bags Running the touch.
  12. dominiquegreffard

    From whips to antenna bag setup

    Hi all, i m contemplating the idea of stepping up my antenna reception in my bag while remaining light and portable. Vast majority of my work my reception is sufficient with whips but once in a while i need that extra range. For now i got 3 lectro srb's (two in block 22 and one in block 25). i know i could get dipole antenna type to plug directly on the sr's but maybe allowing to remote my antenna to up to 15 feet would be better. size and weight is a priority in my choice of equipement and i d rather not have to put another piece in my bag permanently. Just something i could plug directly to the srb's sma when needed. thanks in advance for your advice, Dominique
  13. dominiquegreffard

    K-Tek Now shipping the Stingray Junior!

    this bag would really be perfect for a oneunit project like a lot of us a going for these days.
  14. dominiquegreffard

    My Custom Follow Cart

    Very nice work. What is that black bag with the small plastic drawers? Looks pretty cool.