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  1. hey Mark, you rock, thanks for the info
  2. Still looking for an SMWB owner to fill me in on how long a lithium lasts 🙃
  3. I’m having a hard time finding info on real-world lithium battery life in the Lectro wide band Tx’s. Anyone using an SMWB and care to report in? Is it much less than an SMv? thank you! max
  4. ah sorry y'all, haven't been here in ages. yes the c-stand mounts were custom by backstage in LA. i've since moved on to Zuca carts but this was a fun project back in the day at least...
  5. Sorry no audio shops here with NP1s. LA shops can overnight to SF.
  6. if you're flying into O'Hare just take the Blue Line to Logan Square or Damen, should be semi-quiet...
  7. i wish it was real... http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/61bf1d0ade/dennis-quaid-s-on-set-freakout
  8. i have hundreds of hours on my 3 pairs of Transcend 32gb 133x. i format both primary and mirror every morning and have never had an issue. the only time i had a problem was when i had to use a Kingston card belonging to production, i wasn't able to cut, and the nomad's red stop light started flashing. never again...
  9. Thanks for the comments everybody. Are you talking about the c-stands? At the top of the cart they are just stabilized a bit with quickfists. The boom poles in back are just strapped to the rails. Just taking advantage of the natural floppiness of Petrol bags!
  10. I'm finally happy with my mostly DIY bag cart. Ingredients: 1 Folding Magliner Handtruck, 2 complete C-stands, 2 C-stand mounts, 2 boom pole cases, 2 sound blankets, shelf for the mixer bag, handles, pneumatic tires, and a Pelican on the bottom with all my mics and cables. The best part is that it all folds down and fits into a Pelican 1650 (minus the c-stands) for air travel, and I rarely need more than 1 trip to the car for most jobs. I thought some of you might like it!
  11. i know the CS3e gets praised for how well it performs in reflective interiors, but I can't bring myself to like it unfortunately. can anyone comment on whether a CMIT or the DPA4017b performs similarly well inside? thank you!
  12. Jose, I don't think you have it yet. Lectro receivers operate at line level (+5 out). I know you think you are leaving everything at mic level all the way to the Nomad, but what you are really doing is taking a line level signal from the Lectro receiver, attenuating it down to mic level, and then back up again with your Nomad preamps.
  13. i'm not sure I understand why people gain down their Rx's to mic level. on the Lectro SRb's at least, the max output of +5 is what they run internally, anything lower is just attenuating the full signal, which you'll have to gain up later with your mixer preamp.
  14. you could download fuzzmeasure and buy a "flat response" reference omni. first sweep with the omni in any room, then again with other mics. this would at least give you a reference.
  15. neutrik finally found a sucker for their swarovski XLRs haha!
  16. hey johnny, i would take a picture but it is completely buried under cables at the bottom of my bag. you can see one here
  17. i use a dual NP cup that's wired in parallel, so I can use 1 or 2 batteries and hot swap if need be.
  18. a softie is almost never overkill. one of my pet peeves is seeing naked mics. what if the mic takes a spill? a softie would protect the mic and perhaps your talent's forehead.
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