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pro tools has encountered an unrecognized component

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I have seen Pro Tools (and other Avid products) "fight" with different system components on occasion. Is anything else being run at the same time?


I've been through enough headaches with Pro Tools to know that sometimes, the best advice is to (as the old saying goes) contact the manufacturer. I can recall four or five times in the late 1990s when I was on a deadline and would run up against a brick wall in Pro Tools, and would wait for the East coast office to open at 5AM LA time, frantically call them, and they'd solve the problem in five minutes. And frequently, they'd admit, "yeah, that's not in the manual. We'll make a note of that for future releases." 

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Something changed. Could be an OS update, plugin update, or something else along those lines. Try uninstalling and reinstalling pro tools first. If anything if you do regular back ups go back a couple weeks and see if that fixes it. And of course there is the secret handshake that only the manufacturer knows about.

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