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Tips for getting into Travel Shows


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Hi all, 


     Just wondering if anybody on here had any experience with travel type shows, e.g. Parts Unknown, Nat Geo sort of stuff, and how one might go about getting on those crews? I'm relatively new, but have always wanted to work on travel shows and was just wondering if anybody could recommend some proactive steps I could take to work my way there eventually.



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You'll have to connect with the PMs, producers, directors, etc for those shows. Essentially anyone who has hiring power.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with the current sound mixers for those shows, buy them a beer, and pick their brain. Ask them for tips, and ask them for opportunities to shadow them or visit them on location when nearby you. Sometimes it leads to you working with them on those shows, or being recommended for other similar shows.

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One of the quickest way is to know a shooter that works on one and gets to hire his own audio tech. That's how I get hired for intl work frequently. But this kind of opportunity doesn't present itself often and it's cyclical. So when your set finally comes in, know the travel won't last forever, and be ready to ride those few waves.

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