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SoundDevices 664 display

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On the right of main display the input channels are numbered correctly 1 to 6

However on L/R channels. L is called Input 12 and R is called Mix R

I have not set this ever so how do I correct this

I cannot find any reference to this setting in the user manual!!

Thanks anybody


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Hi, Mike.

If I understand what you're asking, you just need to rename the tracks. This is described on p. 28 of the 664 manual. but briefly:

To rename tracks from the Setup Menu:
1. Enter the Take List (Press and hold the Menu Button then press the Headphone Encoder or FILE STORAGE > Take List)
2. To edit track names of subsequently recorded files, rotate the Headphone Encoder to highlight the next take (indicated by orange text and the phrase “[next]”). To edit the track names of a previously recorded take rotate the Headphone Encoder to highlight that take.
3. Slide the RTN Switch to enter the take’s Metadata Edit screen.
4. Rotate the Headphone Encoder to highlight the Track to be edited, then push the Headphone Encoder to edit that track’s name.
5. Rotate the Headphone Encoder to select a Track Name from the list. If the desired Track Name is not in the list, scroll to the bottom of the list and select <Add New Entry>.

Hope that helps.


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