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VDB pole parts

Jeff Hall

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Hello all:

I'm in the process of resurrecting an older VDB boom pole, and I'm looking for a specific part.

The pole is a QL (Quick Lock) that PSC was distributing in the late '90s. I'm in need of the #4 collar (3rd from largest).

I've contacted PSC, Location Sound (they were able to source another collar, but not #4), Gotham Sound, and VDB Paris with no luck.

Anyone have one to sell, or know where I might find one? I've attached pics for reference (#4 is the collar on the left).





VDB pole.JPG


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1 hour ago, Jeff Hall said:

Thanks for the info.

Cyril and I have had a good back and forth chat over the past couple of weeks. They have no parts, but he's invited me to look into the new Quart Turn pole when it's released.

Still looking for that #4 collar.

As a side question did they happen to say when the 1/4 turn poles will be available?

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