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Cologne Cart


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5 hours ago, Jeff Wexler said:

This is a beautiful cart!!  I hadn't seen the old version or this new one before. I like the solid hub wheels  --  reminds me of the sort of wheels are on the vehicles designed to do land speed records. I have never considered having a cart that is adjustable height as you say this one is, too concerned about weight no matter how it's done. I think Simon Bishop built a cart that is adjustable to provide for mixing sitting or standing.

Thank you Jeff! Coming from you that’s always extra special! Simon‘s cart is brilliant and I envy and admire it, but I can’t build it like that (because I don’t know how).

I am surprised at how sturdy my cart is. While it has never fallen over it was in a tricky situation a few times, but it has been holding up really well. I really love to work standing up, but when I‘m tired I prefer to sit. The electric thing is really just a gimmick, but it also does help to simplify the process of lifting the case 



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2 hours ago, Philip Perkins said:

Sexy big wheels!   Love the "access panels"!  When you roll across a surface like that in your pic, do you lean the cart back and get the small wheels off the ground (ride only on the big wheels)?   What's your drill for getting this thing into a vehicle?  Is "3-Pin" your company?  Nice work!


Yes, I can’t believe how long it took me to come up with these access panels. I always had to take off the big side panels with a tool when I needed to change something. The smaller panels have thumb screws so I don’t need a tool to gain access. 
The wheels are ok. To keep the footprint as small as possible I kept them fairly narrow, but that means the cart isn’t very sturdy on uneven surface. I usually roll the cart on the large wheels only, except maybe indoors. 
yes, 3Pin is my company. 
to get it into my car is a two person job. I have a ramp at home to do it in my own, but on location my boom-op helps me. And it’s really easy now. We just have to tilt it backwards while pushing it into the car and lay it flat. I added to smaller wheels (see below), and we basically just give the cart a little push and it‘ll roll right into position 

The small wheels don’t show in the video, yet. 
I also have a beach mode, but I don’t lift it up there, because I am so worried of getting sand everywhere. And with those large wheels it’s really easy to move the cart anywhere 



2 hours ago, Matthias Richter said:

Adjustable height is really cool. I have to exchange my cases this winter and thinking about it too. Just afraid of too much headache and trial and error. 
You went with a TV-lift this time?

Yes, well spotted! It’s a standard tv lift which I bought off Ebay and stripped down to the basics. It may be my weak point as I think it can only lift like 75kg, but that’s still way more than the case weighs. 
Luckily I didn’t have too many errors, but a lot of headaches as I spent a lot of time on each problem, thinking about how to solve it. Main issue for is that I often don’t know the name of things and that makes it tricky to find them. 
For a long time I thought I‘d use a small car cable winch, because they run on 12V and are fairly small, but still too heavy. Luckily I am across the TV lift, but it took a long time...

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1 hour ago, Matthias Richter said:

is the TV-Lift on 12V out of the box? I‘ve seen one but that needed 24V ...

No, it is 24V as well. I have a cheap converter just for that. Since it’s only for the lift I used the cheapest thing I could find. In the lower part of the cart there is an aluminium box (which is actually originally for bread storage) which houses the converter. On top of that box there is a lone NP-1 battery whose sole purpose it is to power the lift. The converter draws current all the time so it needed a separate power supply. This NP-1 also doubles as a backup power supply for the cart should something happen to the main battery 

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On 12/31/2020 at 12:22 PM, Corrado said:

Constantin , that's a beautiful cart indeed! May I ask you about your monitor mounting system and what components you used? Cheers

Thanks! yes of course you may ask. The monitor is mounted to a hinge with clamp lever which I can stop at any given angle. Sorry, by the way, there are lots of words involved here which I don’t known  English. It even took a long time to find them out in German. 
Not knowing the correct term meant that I needed a long time to find the ideal parts for my build, especially the monitor mount, so I‘m not sure if it’s clear what I mean. 
Anyway, the angle is from item who also made the aluminium profiles. 
Here is the link, it shows you what I mean. 


The hinges are mounted to very simple drawer slides so I can pull the monitor out, fold it up and then slide it to a good viewing position. 


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