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Here are some images of a new cart we shall be launching in Q2 2016 which we are calling the MiniCart. This ultra-compact bag cart is designed for those on a budget as well as those with limited space to transport a cart to location.

It features 18u (10.5" wide) rack space, a slide-out shelf - ideal for mounting a CL-12- and should accept most of our standard cart accessories including boom holders, antenna holders etc.

Dimensions are 910mm x 500mm x 435mm (H x W x D). Maximum load 10kg. Specification is subject to change following the beta testing phase.

Estimated RRP $935 (without any accessories)

We look forward to hearing your views, feature requests and opinions...





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2 hours ago, Bash said:

Hi Matt, so if I put a CL12 on the pull out shelf, where do I put my bag?


Kindest, sb

A fair comment to make. The CAD drawings don't yet show the additional 1u/2u shelving that will be available (mild steel like you'd find available for standard 19") as I'm yet to design them in AutoCAD. You'll be able to mount your bag on those and strap it to the top cross brace bar at the top.

I should also mention that the pull out shelf will be mountable at two different heights.

I have also been contacted about how to mount video monitors... I'm currently looking adapters for the top of the main uprights which will allow two monitors with standard 3/8" threads (such as the Sound Devices PIX, BlackMagicDesign Video Assist range) to be mounted rather than 19" monitors which are catered for on my Compact Bag Cart (Red).

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On 9 September 2016 at 7:01 PM, Wandering Ear said:

Looks great.  I like the handle wheels.  They are one of the best additions I've ever made to my carts.

Thanks. Yes the handle wheels seem an odd addition until you use a cart with them on. 

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