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Using a 744T in a 552 Portabrace?


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Hey folks, long time lurker first time poster. [edit: I actually forgot that I posted a few times on here before, so this isn't strictly true]

I currently have a Sound Devices 552, but I'm making the sideways move into a 744T, since at the moment my work is mostly about recording rather than mixing. 

My question is about the case - at the moment I have a Portabrace which fits the 552 perfectly...I'm not sure which model it is exactly. I'm wondering if a 744T would fit in there too? What is the difference in size between the two machines?



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Of course it'll fit. The 744 is much smaller. It will also swim around a fair bit, so you'll have to find ways to fix the recorder in there. Don't know about Portabrace, but my older Petrol bags came with lots of accessories that would help with customizing the bag for various setups

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Thanks Constantin! It only just occurred to me to look on the SD website for specs. I didn't realize the 744T was much smaller, I've never seen them together. Their website says:

552: 53 mm x 279 mm x 168 mm

744T: 45 mm x 209 mm x 125 mm

So, as you say, I can imagine it will swim around a bit but maybe I can find a ways to pad it up until I find a used 744T case. 

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