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Zaxcom trxla3.5 stereo as camera link

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Curious to know if anyone is using a TRXLA3.5 stereo as camera link instead of CL fixed block? I have been considering this as an upgrade path with my RX200's but is there a way to feed timecode separately from a QRX etc? I have no experience with a camera link scenario outside of CL's and everything being embedded in the same signal.



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I’ve been wondering this myself. I once had a Camera Link but sold it because I rarely need to send a stereo mix to camera and would prefer wireless that can function as a body pack if necessary. In another thread it’s pointed out that the input is unbalanced.


I was also wondering if it is possible for the Trxla3.5 to receive TC via zaxnet and then embed that timecode feeding an rx200.

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While the TRXLA will pass TC ans will work the down sides are

1) Lack of filters on the transmitter - which means the RF so close to receivers in the bag can possibly de-sensitive the receiver.

2) Unbalanced input

3) No option for a DC input - you would need to create a battery eliminator.


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