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  1. Save the cash. In fact, on a budget, use a regular slate! Those dollars would be better served using a sync box in my opinion if anything at all. Syncing footage isn’t hard unless you’re on a tight schedule or have a lot of it.
  2. I’ve been wondering this myself. I once had a Camera Link but sold it because I rarely need to send a stereo mix to camera and would prefer wireless that can function as a body pack if necessary. In another thread it’s pointed out that the input is unbalanced. I was also wondering if it is possible for the Trxla3.5 to receive TC via zaxnet and then embed that timecode feeding an rx200.
  3. Just off the top of my head: If you dial in the switch setting to a frequency you can actually hear the UHF frequency but it is very very low. It would be noisy but you could amplify that. Then you could set all your talent tx into IFB mode and set the R1a to scan for them. Then switch them back. This is all highly theoretical as I don't have any units with me now to test. Like everyone said, a lot to expect and not easy to switch once set up
  4. Jason, what is the rack case you have? How does it attach to the Film Tools upright?
  5. Isn't that a camera department item? I bring the smart slate and they bring the espresso!
  6. Despite my appeal to this line of logic, I was told it was a replica and it was taken from me here at JFK.
  7. If you remove all the stored frequencies then briefly depressing the button does nothing. It will of course still scan if depressed and held.
  8. The clock accuracy is in the manual.
  9. I pretty much always run my transmitters at 50mw. No issues for me.
  10. I'm still working out the exact system for what goes in each bag. Once I do I'll write the cable types on the outside of the window. I like this system because it's modular and I can flip through them like a book to find the cable I'm looking for. If I want to have a certain group of cables on hand all day, rather than in the peli, the rings can open and I can just take the pouch I need.
  11. I think Cory basically wants something like the attachment but maybe Lectro will announce something next Tuesday?
  12. Yeah, the loopback setting on the 552 was something I never used but liked the idea of!
  13. From the manual: "The Headphone Source in the X3, X4 Routing Screen is a special source which is a copy of the active Headphone Source. Changing the Headphone Source will change the Headphone L and Headphone R sources routed to X3 and/or X4" Firmware update may be required for this though. I'm not sure.
  14. +1 for Atlantic and it's perfect for shooting with a long lens as the rooms are rectangular. You can get a bit of street noise but if you set up camera on the street side of the room and shoot the other way it can be minimized.
  15. NEVER point a mic at something you don't intend to record
  16. I've wondered about this myself. In the case of 1 lav and 1 boom I've just been recording as normal to L and R with no ISOs. In the case of a more complex project with ISOS and a mono mix, I've been routing the mono mix to an AUX track and recording that and not recording L and R at all.
  17. This. Also, as it says in the manual, be sure to have 05 on Channel 1, and A7 on Channel 2, not the other way around.
  18. I'm glad this feature has been added but when I last used Maxx it was not available. From the release notes: Like I said though, these updates are something that I really like about Zaxcom and I had hoped/expected this to be added and had a very pleasant experience with Maxx.
  19. I've used the 664, 633, Nomad, Maxx, 788T, 552--if I had the budget, I would own them all! For the work I mostly do, the 633 was the obvious choice. I very nearly purchased a Maxx but I didn't like that I couldn't route Post Fader iso tracks to record (I'm told that this has been changed or is soon to change) and I'm still waiting for a more elegant panning solution (which I really feel could be implemented with software and I expect someday it will; that's the great thing about Zaxcom!) Then the 633 was announced and I chose to go with the machine that makes the most sense for me as it is, rather than waiting for what may be in a future update of Maxx. None of these machines perfectly replaces the others, and I suspect that's no accident!
  20. Just explain that it's the 552 "Classic" or "Vintage" and that it's so much cooler than the new knobs.
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