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Patrick Tresch

UltraSync One = small TC+Sync box

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I have two of these, plus the :Wave generator.  I absolutely love them.  Been using them a few months now, and have had no troubles, whatsoever.


I've gotten nothing but praise from camera ops, as soon as they lay eyes on these things.  The boxes are so small and lightweight, it's almost impossible for them to get in an op's way.


Further, these units pack more features than most that are 2-3 times their size and weight. 


The wifi connection between the multiple devices has been flawless every time, even over some fairly long distances.  The closest thing I've had to a problem with this (and it was NOT actually a problem at all) was on my most recent shoot.  Staging was inside a solid metal barn/machine shop, and set was in the building next door.  I was in the middle of setting up on day 2, when the DP came rushing in to let me know that his camera was out of sync.  I said, "No worries. The wifi can't make it through these metal walls.  As soon as I step into the other building, it'll sync right up.  You'll see." 


You should have seen the dude's eyes pop out of his head, when that promise came true.  "That's amazing!"  I just smiled and nodded.


My only (very minor) complaint is that the phone app can take a while to show all the connected devices.  Once they do load up, it's really easy to check and change settings remotely, which is great.  However, as soon as you turn the phone screen off and back on, you have to wait again.  This is annoying (but hardly a showstopper).


I count the Unltrasyncs and the :Wave among the best gear I've ever purchased.  They've already paid for themselves, easily.



Unfortunately, there's another thread on this forum, chock full of people who do not own the device, complaining about the connectors.  People are under the impression the jacks must be fragile, for some reason.  They're not.  People think mini coax rather than BNC is a bad idea, just because, well, no compelling reason given, by anyone. 


The reality is the unit is physically too small for BNC.  That smallness is a very good thing. (Notice the mini coax jacks, which are tiny, look huge on it in the picture.)


The box comes with a pair of short mini coax to BNC adaptor cables, which work perfectly.  If you simply must use your old cables, just throw a barrel on the end of each adaptor cable, and call it a day.


I don't know about you, but I'd rather have a small, sleek, modern box that works well and keeps camera dept. happy, but requires an adaptor, than an outdated giant clunker that adds weight and bulk, just to skip said adaptor.  People need to think a little, before they blindly jump on the speculative complaint wagon. :)

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