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Jan McL

Negotiating: Notes From the Field

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I told the first UPM that inquired within 48 hours of having wrapped a little movie that my kit had gone up 1/1 and that I needed $500/week kit for my team. Crickets. Told the next one a month later 1) I wasn't hungry and 2) about the 1/1 raise thinking she'd also disappear after flying it up the same flagpole. Crap. The answer was, "Yes." I was so surprised and paralyzed I couldn't get to the above contract or anything else after she told me what there wasn't for expendables.



  • Keep notes on the next deal you want near for emergency consultation; and
  • It's OK and even a good strategy to buy time. I should have asked to call her back once it became clear that the conversation was going to go my way so I could get centered and collect my thoughts.


A FB thread written by José Frias caused me to think seriously about what I should do to grow in 2018 so the numbers were fresh on my mind having also consulted with my regular team about what they thought they'd be happy with kit-wise.


I was ready-ready for the first call and not in the right mood for the 2nd.


Always be ready.



sounds good wine audio department edition.png

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On 2/28/2018 at 7:36 AM, Jan McL said:

that my kit had gone up 1/1


What do you mean by "1/1"?

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Jan 1.


I like to do a call back--am not good at off the cuff surprise phone call negotios.  I need a chance to think about it all, even if for just a few minutes, as well as check my calendar about what else might end up overlapping or etc.   Expendables are what they are--not my problem.  If you want to rent my gear you have to pay for the "grease and gas" so to speak.

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