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Nomad Config page vs manual

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On my Nomad I want to have 1-8 AES, analog 5&6 and Zaxnet ON.


According to the manual I should use setup #13. But with my Nomad (running 7.77) it is missing AES1&2. Only setup with AES 1-8 ON on MY Nomad is #7. But this would be without Zaxnet and no analog IN.


Is it my slightly old software? Or just not possible??




Bildschirmfoto 2018-04-17 um 14.02.13.png

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In your "About Nomad" screen, what are the "Audio Rev" and "Main Rev" numbers?  If memory serves, at lest one of these needs to be at, or beyond, a certain version in order for the additional settings to be available.


I think it's "Audio Rev" but don't quote me. 


I did it a long time ago, but if IIRC, it needs to be sent in for this updating.  

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Think you might need Audio Rev 15
From JW Sound discussion in April 2015

"7.29P Apr 8

fixed blue trim dot on card tracks being shown when track is not an ISO track (sometimes)

fixed loud noises when changing Input Configure mode

support for new "Audio Rev 15" hardware PLD modification (see the About screen)

which allows all AES inputs to work with IFB turned on:"

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