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I'm diving in today and getting one, @Constantin You mention an XS model; do you mean the Short, 19mm, COSI-S-19 (X3-S)? Aw shucks-- now I see that there is a distinction with an XS model on the Trewaudio product page which is not explicitly stated on the Gotham page, and the cinela.fr site is still down. (Gotham is literally calling the COSI Small the "Cosi for the 4018c") Ah, they have the "Mini CMIT Cosi Windscreen kit" as well (without designating the XS. In fact, I suspect they have the model # incorrect, as they denote an "L" and the accompanying picture actually looks longer than the small). I gather that some dealers haven't even stocked these, so I'll consider myself lucky that I can run up towards Silvercup Studios. Noted on your comment about the additional 19mm connector.

To answer your question, so far I haven't done a thing about wind for this mic specifically, and I can see how that's going to become an old answer real fast. It's been on indoor interviews since I purchased it last month, but this week I followed B-cam outside to the curb, and yes, as you anticipated I was struggling with a storm-front slowly moving in.  Next week I have a multi-day shoot which I cannot fudge, so this week was a fairly forgiving and nonetheless definitive lesson. 

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8 hours ago, James Louis said:

"Mini CMIT Cosi Windscreen kit" as well (without designating the XS. In fact, I suspect they have the model # incorrect, as they denote an "L" and the accompanying picture actually looks longer than the small).

L is in fact correct for the MiniCMIT -  (COSI-L-21: MiniCMIT or similarly sized mic with 21 mm diameter, Long cage, Long cable).

- Mini specs  = Length: 151 mm (close to 6 inches) / Diameter: 21 mm 

- 4018C specs = Length: 64 mm (2.5 in) / Diameter: 19 mm

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You know, I could have just taken Lauren's word for it at Gotham, @Johnny Karlsson. She said the same exact thing, and that they simply take the content from the manufacturer that it represents diameter. You know, by now when they take my order, not only will it have to be realized at their production house in France, but they are also on holiday for what I gather will be a month. They might not even process the order until they return. Maybe the new site will come with new announcements or at least update us on where things stand.

That said, I might as well ask whether Gotham can sell me the XS (model number labeled "L") with the 19mm connector rather than have the dealer sell me that as an add-on. It's not like they would have to pilfer it off another kit. Furthermore, I could propose that I pay for the package that includes anything in the pipewerks involving the fabric chassis for indoor work. It's not like I'll be getting my cosi immediately, so perhaps I could leapfrog the current technologies and anticipate that as a next move.

I head into Gotham next week, and they are offering me a loaner cosi for my multi-day work while I put in this order. That was a nice development. At the rate in which I'm getting work, it'll be nice for now, and then I can afford to get lost for a bit. (I'd like to do some adventure cycling before the leaves change, and get up to Vermont.)

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true that.
and to chime in about what's "nifty" with the OSIX that I have, @Constantin, no, as you raised, it doesn't answer anything about wind. The hardware is clever in how they originally addressed the minimal area to which they could find purchase on the mic connector. It introduces the notched wing nut, no real bells and whistles there, aside from the under-appreciated fact that it's a confidence for when I'm choosing my axis, knowing it won't slip into some other uncooperative angle. I'm happiest with the build quality, the lightness and minimal profile, and the decoupling of the cable from transfers of mechanical handling. As far as engineering, it is befitting the 4018c. 


That said, I wonder if they would have sold it to me if my sales person had considered the significance of the COSI? And what does Cinela recommend at this point? Is this a legacy item? Seeing as it has remained in its tupperware, it's only been a month, and these items are made of non-destructible plastics, would Gotham consider this in a return? Or would I be wise to put it on the Used market?

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Now I see the confusion on the size: somewhere down the line I misreferenced a MiniCMIT with a CMC1U. All's well that ends well, because there was no special order necessary; the XS was safely on the shelves at Gotham. It worked wonders last gig on some particularly competitive, territorial sets.


Gotham has a special order short hair "S" which was never picked up, if that suits anyone here. I liked Constantin's uncovering the accommodations on the XS, and I thought I'd wait for the nylon chassis that Nelly at Cinela modeled for us.


Do you guys have a 3rd-order, low-cut filter along your input chain?

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