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Schoeps CMIT 5U weird sound issue


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The CMIT I am using was purchased last year, April, and it mainly stays in the Blimp Windshield. Last week I went a set. It is a genuinely dusty indoor environment. So I paid extra attention asking the boom OP  do not take it out of the Windshield. However, on the second day of shooting, The mic starts making weird noises like this. 

It is recorded in a quiet indoor condition. But the self-noise is extreme. I do saw on Schoeps website saying 


Always ensure that the capsules are not used in a dusty environment and that they are kept in a closed container (eg in the case provided) after use, as the ingress of dust may impair their function. In conjunction with high humidity, it can lead to condensation and thus cracking noises.



Not too sure if I should send it to do the services. It happened twice on my three-day shooting, so I do have a strong concern about it. If I sent it back, do I have to send it back to Germany, or I can do the service in the state. 



Thank you

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Chiming in about the service side of the situation...

After 15+ years of using my CCM41 without any issues, it started acting up with hiss coming in and out. I contacted Redding Audio in CT and they took care of everything. I recommend going through them. Schoeps Germany was very responsive and I had the mic back in about 3 weeks. I’d say contact them and see whats up. 

Any mic is going to be susceptible to rough environments where dust, humidity, and other factors will increase the need for service.

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On 10/30/2019 at 8:17 AM, Thijs Stam said:

I had the same ish problem and my mic is in Germany at the moment. What caused it for me was dust on the diagram and a humid environment. They are cleaning it/replacing parts for it now if it's needed i really hope that that solves my problem. how old is your mic?

1 year 

17 hours ago, Constantin said:

Seconding what Ivanovich posted above (and what I just posted in another topic about Zaxcom service), I‘d recommend always going via the distributor for service, especially with overseas manufacturers, if only to take care of the shipping hassle for you. 

distributor said they got to send it back to Germany. Looking for an mic to replace it for this 5 weeks period right now.

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Just sent mine in this week to Redding to go to Germany for same issue. Seems to creep up with it every couple of years or so.  I am very careful with the environments I use it in, always have a softy over it , never use it if the forecast calls for rain and I know I’ll be out in it. Sometimes sounds like it’s “auto gaining” the noise floor or produces a  hiss. Yeah, sometimes the pole falls down if I’m not conscientious where I place it, but that’s the real world of ENG/Doc productions. 

I always get the same response from Schoeps “unable to replicate problem, cleaned, tuned,,180.00. It will work fine for another couple years. I love the sound of the CMIT5U and it’s weight. Like any other fine machine or tool, it needs a little care every now and then I guess. 

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32 minutes ago, edward chick said:

“unable to replicate problem, cleaned, tuned,,180.00. 

Maybe that really is all they need? FWIW I have two of them, one on a permanent loan-out which is being used all the time, the other isn’t used much at all, but both perform flawlessly in any condition. Both are a few years old already. I did also notice that Schoeps have really improved the service side of things and have sped up the whole process a lot. 

I had a weird situation with a Lectro tx a few years ago, which was very noisy. Following my own recommendation I sent it to Ambient, but they couldn’t replicate the fault either and sent it back. So I sent the tx to Lectro myself. They too couldn’t replicate the issue, but they cleaned the tx, changed the keypad amd possibly the LCD and sent it back. Everything was fine, noise gone. So it’s strange sometimes 

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