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Sound Devices Wave Agent Control Mode App

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Hey Guys,


I was looking into a way to interact with my 788T via a tablet or PC of some kind and there appears to be no really good option anymore.  The CL-Wifi didn't work that great when I had one, and the app appears to be no longer supported on the app store.  The Wave Agent control mode leaves a bit to be desired and isn't really meant to be used to control the machine/arm & disarm tracks, etc.


I want to write an app to control my 788T via a mac desktop and the usb port on the 788T with the 788T set to Wave Agent Control Mode.


I've written some mac software before in the past, and this seems like what I'd want to do is pretty simple.  Does anyone know anything about how Wave Agent communicates with the 788T over usb?



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@jawharp please follow this up. I’d be very interested whatever you come up with. I’ve been toying with the idea of using my old iPhone 4S for my cl-WiFi but with it being so small, I’d really love to be able to use something else on a larger tablet, preferably not wireless. 

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I’ve been using another outdated App on my iPad: Tonmeister, in combination with the ACN-BT, or Beetle.  It was developed by Ambient, and uses Bluetooth to control the 788T. It has some quirks, that I’ve mostly gotten used to, but it’s been great for labeling tracks, taking notes, and produces a nice color-coded report. It also rolls/stops and arms tracks, and several other functions. Unfortunately, they no longer support it.

They have since put out a browser-based app over WiFi that requires a Master Lockit, and is compatible with the 6-series, as well as the 788T.

Good luck on this. Let us know how it goes. Even though I’m about to move to an 888, the 788T has been my diehard recorder for 12 years. I can only hope the next generation will last this long!



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